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YouTube Kids is essentially a distinct version of the internet’s most popular video site, but it’s geared just for kids. The content available on YouTube Kids is limited to selected, family-friendly channel feeds and instructive pieces. The app’s layout incorporates huge graphics, colorful symbols, and carefully picked launch videos on the primary homepage. Within the app, there are five different categories to explore.

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There are also functions such as a timer and a search function. The latter part allows users to access YouTube’s central video database, but YouTube Kids filters the results so that your children only see safe content. Adults can also use the service to disable search, set screen time limits, and set volume limits.

Another option for parents is to personalize their passcode. Some people consider a personal passcode more than a spelled-out code, so we’ve enabled this option to access parental settings. To prevent your youngster from seeing unwanted comments, Google has blocked comments on the service. This strategy could also help to reduce cyberbullying.


On YouTube, there are five main categories for children. These are the following:

  • Curated, which has kid-friendly videos.
  • Shows that have Episode-based material like Marvel HQ or Curious George videos.
  • Music like Kidz Bop tunes, nursery rhymes, muffin songs, Disney theme songs, and other videos.
  • Educational videos about math, antics, solar eclipse, or other topics.
  • Look through Disney, Nickelodeon, and even Vox videos.


The enhanced parental controls are one of the most admirable aspects of YouTube Kids. You may even choose whether or not you want your children to be allowed to search. If they don’t, they’ll only be able to watch videos from the indicated categories. It is not a social media app; it’s just a video app. Your children will not be exposed to heinous rants in the comment section since one does not exist. The timer feature is also fantastic, primarily because it allows the app to play the role of the bad guy. It will tell your children when it is time to quit watching movies without you having to do anything.


Although YouTube Kids is generally safe, there is a potential that children will encounter nudity, violence, or strange content, as well as advertisements for junk food. According to our research, 27% of films watched by children aged eight and up are meant for older audiences, with violence being the most common harmful content category.


According to Google, individuals have downloaded the app million times in its first year, and that number is sure to climb now that it has extended from the US to the UK and other countries. YouTube Kids is accessible in 37 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom.


YouTube determines which material in the app runs adverts using a combination of machine learning, algorithms, and community flagging. As a result, even if their child spends a lot of time on YouTube, parents can be less concerned.

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