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To go viral: Tiktok hidden features and hacks!

We’ve put up a list of tiktok features for new users to help you get set up and go viral on the trending video-sharing app. Finding more about the elements listed below can help you create high-quality content and become well-known on the platform.

Slideshow creation without the tiktok template

Tiktok offers templates for developing slideshows, but it’s preferable if you start making your own. By filming your introduction like you normally would, you can modify slideshows.

After that, select the green screen under effects. After that, you can choose any photo from your gallery to serve as your background. Even so, you can angle your phone to hide from view. In this manner, the complete image can fit on the screen.

You may even record a video with audio and release it if you like. Repeating the process will allow you to modify and embellish the slideshow to suit your requirements.

Select the time that text appear and disappear

Depending on the situation, you might wish to include text at the start, end, or center of the video. Well, it is simple! You can begin by making a text box, then add to it as needed at key moments in the video.

Once you’ve finished typing your message, click “done.” choose the duration to suit your needs as well. The frames are available for dragging and dropping on the screen.

Make a voice over or vlog for tiktok.

To go to the uploading screen on tiktok, click next if you want to record a voiceover or create a vlog. Typically, you enter captions and hashtags here. In order to record the screen instead of posting a tiktok, make sure the microphone is turned on.

Tiktok clips can be adjusted.

It’s conceivable that your video’s timing or trimming is incorrect. By selecting the adjust clips option, you may modify the length and sequence.

Employ music from other videos

By including the sounds from other creators in your own videos, you may quickly incorporate songs that are utilized in other tiktoks. And you’re not even required to turn it into a duet.

Make your own tiktok music

You can record your own audio in addition to including sounds from other tiktoks. Utilize a single audio clip to accomplish this, then take it a step further by fusing two different collections of well-known noises.

Audio file name for search

It’s normal to feel proud when you design a unique sound on your own. But how can you advertise it so that other people may find it and utilize it too? Open the video in question, select the record option in the lower right corner of the screen, and then play the file.

The next step is to update the title by clicking the edit icon that is located next to it. You only need to save it to be done.

Save tiktok by removing the logo

You may easily remove the logo if you want to post your tiktok material on other platforms but don’t want others to see it. How do you accomplish it? So, before you upload it, start screen-casting while turning off your microphone but maintaining a loud volume.

Then, to make sure you have the video correct, watch the preview. The screen recording must then be stopped, and the file must be opened in your camera roll. If you are familiar with the procedure; trim it and take a picture of the desired portion.

Then convert it to an hd recording, including the audio but removing the branding. Post it right now on facebook, twitter, instagram, or everywhere else you’d like!

Tiktok liked videos hidden

On tiktok, anyone can browse your profile and see which videos you’ve liked or disliked. Therefore, you can hide your loved videos if you want to completely control the perception of your company.

To achieve this, go to me screen and tap the three vertical dots that are shown in the screen’s upper right corner. Navigate to privacy and safety after opening the settings. After that, you can go down and decide who can and cannot watch the videos you’ve liked.

Download TikTok videos

TikTok video downloader can help to get our favorited video. Tikfuel is a website which providing TikTok likes and followers. You can visit for further details by clicking on the highlighted link.

Switch on restricted mode.

Even when you’re tired of them, there are some tiktok trends that just won’t go away. Therefore, by turning on the restricted mode, you can prevent them. Hide from the feed the articles you don’t find interesting. In this manner, tiktok will stop displaying the content to you.

To be sure of this, go to the me screen and select the settings icon with three dots in the upper right corner. Select digital wellbeing from the general settings menu after that.

Put tiktok in your favorites

Add a video to your favorites if you see one on your stream that you’d like to watch again later. Tap the video while holding down the button to bring up the menu. You can choose between adding to your favorites or not being interested. Decide on the latter!

Tiktok video language change

You must alter the language of the information you view to create a customized tiktok experience. Check the me screen and the three dots in the settings’ upper right corner to do this. The content preferences option can be found here. You’ll find your way if you just push through that.

Make a duet on tiktok.

You should be aware that tiktok has the ability to make duets. In essence, you can divide the area of the screen where the original video is intended to appear and add a new video to take up the other split.

Publish a tiktok reaction.

Duets and reactions share certain similarities, but reactions are a little twisted. As a result, you must select the react option that is already there when you touch the share button during a duet.

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