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How to Get Better Engagement with Potential Clients Using QR Codes

QR codes have a popular reputation for their ability to expediently connect an audience to a source of information. All it takes is one scan and suddenly appears a world of details. So why should a business use QR codes to improve and increase their audience engagement?

Audience engagement determines your marketing campaign’s success, and without engagement, your business will have a hard time increasing brand participation and satisfaction. Additionally, finding a new audience to grow your brand and services will also be very challenging without audience engagement. QR codes are a wonderful way to connect your existing or potential audience with your business. Here are three ways you can use QR codes to get better engagement with potential clients.

Business Cards, Thank You Cards, Product Packaging Cards

A QR code’s placement on a business card can be just mysterious enough to pique the interest of the card receiver that they’ll happily scan the code just to see what pops up. Piquing the interest of someone enough that they take action towards your brand is the point of marketing anyway, isn’t it?

When you provide someone with your business card, you want the card to be memorable at the very least so that the card is used when the time is right. A business card that is linked to a website or social media accounts via a  QR code connects the receiver immediately to online resources in addition to the traditional name, phone number, and email address. This will allow the receiver to follow you on social media, bookmark your website, or even send it to a friend.

Additionally, using QR codes on a “Thank You” card or inside product packaging allows the customer the opportunity to scan the code to investigate any possible promotions or sales happening, or offers them the second-touch visit to your website that will grab their loyalty.


Restaurant owners have quite a daunting task sometimes when considering menus. A few questions may arise:

  • Should the restaurant have disposable menus?
  • If so, how often will the menus be thrown away? Daily? Weekly? Only when unpresentable?
  • How much will this cost in printing?
  • Should the restaurant have reusable menus?
  • If so, how much will cleaning supplies cost in order to keep the menus sanitized?
  • What will the payroll expenses be for paying someone to be responsible for the cleaning and sanitization of the menus?

One of the easiest ways to squash the menu debacle is to print a table flyer with a QR code printing on it where customers can scan the code on their phones and the menu pops right up! This completely eradicates the need for mass-printed menus or high cleaning supply costs. Brilliant!

On Products to Connect with Customers on Social Media

Sometimes customers want to follow you because they’ve already bought your products or services and just want to stay in the know! Of course, every business dreams of having such loyal customers! So how can you ensure that your loyal customers stay connected and up-to-date? Generate a social media QR code through your Linktree! Linktree is one of the easiest ways to connect all your online platforms in one place without the need for a landing page. Think of it as an all-in-one online portfolio where you can link any of your platforms to one page. If you have a Linktree, simply direct-link your QR code to your link tree and display it on your product packaging so that your customers have direct access to any and all of your platforms in one place. duysnews is an online news portal providing breaking news from around the world.

While the opportunities for using QR codes in a creative and enticing way are really quite endless, using them for the purpose of growing your audience’s engagement is the best method. We hope these tips have been very useful!

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