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Instagram Story Ideas for Businesses

Instagram is no longer restricted to square photographs. Ever since its inception in 2016, Instagram stories have only grown in popularity. One of the great ideas for boosting your Instagram Stories visibility is to get sponsored Instagram views, likes, and followers!. According to Instagram statistics, Instagram stories are used by 500 million users every day (Instagram internal data, January 2019) and one-third of its most-viewed Instagram stories are from businesses.

These statistics just show the importance Instagram has gained, and there is no going back. Be it for individuals or businesses, small business ideas, Instagram stories have been a game-changer for everyone. Considering the influence it holds on millennials and Gen Z, businesses are utilizing this source in all possible ways.

From Cadbury to Converse, most companies are making Instagram stories their topmost priority. And why not? One of the strongest ways to attract consumers and increase brand visibility is through Instagram stories. Marketing and creative teams are constantly following new trends to create something new with every story.

However, it’s not easy to stay in the top league. With increasing competition, there is a constant need for content versatility and different Instagram story ideas. Being relevant with your content is a challenge that companies face day after day.

This article will provide companies with useful insights to boost their presence on Instagram.

Here are some top Instagram story ideas for businesses:

#Idea 1

Instagram stories have bridged the gap between people and companies with its question stickers. Companies can now use this feature to ask direct questions to their viewers and at the same time get direct, first-hand responses. Businesses can use this feature to accomplish more than just one purpose. Businesses can also occasionally upload stories to know people’s experiences and establish a virtual bond with people, along with asking questions or opinions. And further, strengthen this bond by acknowledging at least a few of the responses.

#Idea 2

Another key value of Instagram stories is their ability to generate polls. Businesses can get a clearer, direct insight into what the majority supports. These simple yes/no questions are engaging and easy to follow. Asking questions such as “have you checked our winter collection yet?” can help businesses gauge the popularity of their winter collection. And, of course, since Instagram allows you to post multiple stories simultaneously, you can continue asking questions to get more insights.

#Idea 3

Posting typed questions is one way of having a Q&A session with your audience, while hosting live sessions is another way. Being able to see the face behind a business gives the session a personal touch. These live sessions could also be used to interact with the users casually or to launch a product. This would create a strong impact on the audience.

#Idea 4

Quizzes are a fun way to put your knowledge to the test. And if it’s virtual and easy, people will surely love to be a part of it. And here comes the Instagram quiz sticker. These quiz stickers enable you to post multiple-choice questions and the users get an immediate response as to whether their answers were correct or not. Businesses can use this feature to create excitement among users and make sure they keep coming back for such fun quizzes. In addition to this, quizzes can also play a crucial role in product surveys. By putting up questions such as – “which is your all-time favorite jacket?” the company can plan for its future products.

#Idea 5

With Instagram stories, Instagram has become a platform that strongly influences people’s buying decisions. Stories of individuals are filled with product reviews or simply showcasing a new purchase. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or big; keeping an eye out for such feedback is going to pay dividends in increasing your product’s demand. However, there is one catch here. Businesses can only repost these stories if the user has tagged the company page. But fear not! In most cases, people tend to tag the company page.

#Idea 6

Use Instagram stories to intimate the launch of a new product. This can also be done as a countdown, perhaps, three days before the launch date.

#Idea 7

Post short videos or snippets of videos. While these videos could include reviews, a sneak peek into a new product launch, etc. It can especially be used during any festivities to greet the viewers in a unique and special way. If you’re looking for a good app to make such videos, then we have a recommendation. InVideo is a quick and easy-to-use app that lets you create magnificent videos without spending money and toiling for hours.

#Idea 8

Most of the influencers on Instagram often follow a theme. As far as stories are concerned, businesses can make optimum use of them by delegating a specific theme to a particular day. So let’s say Tuesday’s are poll days and Wednesdays are live session days. This helps in keeping the audience engaged as well as getting more real-time information.

#Idea 9

Acknowledging good content is highly appreciated amongst users. So, as a company, you don’t need to stay restricted to your own products and services. In fact, it’s important to upload good content from other accounts and give them a shout-out. This would certainly create a people-centric image for the brand.

#Idea 10

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, people have increasingly used this mode to spread the word for a good cause. Instagram stories are not limited to business and socializing, but have gained a greater purpose. So if you have an idea for a good cause, just put it in your Instagram story to see positive responses.

#Idea 11

Giveaways have also taken a top spot in gaining popularity. Especially new businesses have gained tremendous popularity by indulging in it. So if you’re a small startup wishing to expand your client base, doing a quarterly giveaway can prove fruitful in achieving your goal.

#Idea 12

Whenever a company does remarkable work, people often wonder whose creation it was. And businesses can definitely use this curiosity to their advantage. To do this, they can simply upload a story dedicated to the team of employees who made it possible. This not only satisfies people’s curiosity, but is also a good way to recognize the good work done by employees.

So, that was our list of Instagram story ideas that businesses can use. However, a key thing to keep in mind is persistence and consistency. If stories are not uploaded regularly, then it might fail to create an impact. So use these ideas and upload your stories in a timely manner. Another thing that you can do to save some time and still achieve the increase in your Instagram Stories popularity is to use verified IG services like LightningLikes and buy Instagram views cheap.

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