Casino Etiquette: How To Behave At Casinos

Since many casinos have a long history, they have their own set of laws and regulations that gamblers must follow. For frequent attendees, they will be second nature, but for newbies, they could be a little intimidating – deposit to play now.

In a land-based casino, you may not know the ins and outs of betting if you’ve only been exposed to online casino games. 

Learn a few fundamental etiquette standards to avoid the dealer’s wide-eyed glares, as well as your other players’ looks. If you want to make your first foray into gambling a memorable one, read this guide on casino etiquette.

To-Do and What Not to Do

Gambling venues are considered fun zones, but there are some etiquette players have to follow when visiting these establishments.

Tech Are A Big NO!

In a world where cellphones seldom leave the hands of their users, casinos adhere to more traditional rules of gameplay. To be addicted to your technological devices at the table is regarded as quite impolite, not even to mention that it is likely to have an adverse impact on your game. Stop using modern technology and focus on the task at hand; your pocket will appreciate it.

Learn The Gestures

When playing blackjack, knowing the verbal directions isn’t enough; you’ll also need to use hand gestures to communicate your intentions. Most of them are simple, but they vary considerably on whether the cards were handed face up or face down.

Control Your Alcohol Intake

For those who aren’t James Bond, it’s important to keep things in control when it comes to drinking. 

Despite the notion that casino personnel encourage clients to drink and bet recklessly, most respectable businesses want consumers to remain sober enough to manage wins and losses. Casinos are adult playgrounds where gamblers may relax and enjoy themselves. But don’t let the alcohol take over and ruin the evening for everyone else.

Dress Appropriately

Many big Las Vegas casinos have a casual dress code, although not all of them. Depending on your location, you may be required to wear a button-down shirt and decent slacks with dress shoes. A quick call to the casino ahead of time will ensure you are appropriately attired.

Dealers Are Not Responsible for Your Losses

There are no more bets when a roulette croupier announces “no more”. Consider taking one of the casino’s beginner courses or observing the game for some time before getting in on the action yourself. As a general guideline, pay attention to what the dealer says as they steer the flow of play. 

Yes, they work there, and yes, they are pros, but no croupier wants to bear responsibility for a player’s luck. 

Your request may seem innocent, but if you take their advice and lose, the dealer can’t predict whether you’ll be calm or aggressive.

Tip The Staff

After leaving a table, it’s customary to pay the dealer some tip to show your appreciation for their service. It doesn’t have to be massive and don’t feel obliged to offer a lot of your stack. You can tip between $1 to $10. 

Tipping your dealers, restaurant staff, and parking attendants is customary, but you have the liberty to choose the actual amount. Most casino employees are paid minimum wages and depend on tips to bolster their modest wages.

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