Your Ultimate Guide For Crafting A Relaxing Massage Oil

There is no one in the world who doesn’t enjoy a rubdown with a decadent and soothing massage oil, the imbued feeling and overall sensation of the right mixture can send the mind, body, and spirit to another dimension when used in conjunction with the right set of hands.

Therein lies the rub (literally), there are so many ways and unique properties associated with massage oil, it can be hard to keep track of what works and what doesn’t. As it is not the newest of products, there have been ample opportunities for experimentation over the years, with a predominant amount of research going into the various attributes and special concoctions that create a more smooth and exuberant experience from a massage oil.

There’s a lot that can go into a massage oil after all, from different ingredients that can enhance various fragrant profiles of an ointment to more nourishing components that can actually add tremendously beneficial impacts on the skin.

It can be a little daunting to consider so many components, so we have collated a pick of our select favourite enhancement ingredients and essential extracts that can truly elevate your own massage oil to a concoction of beauty and relaxation.

The Resurgence Of Natural Ingredients

The use of natural ingredients in massage oil is not the newest concept, however, it is making a more robust return to the general conversation as more research reveals the inherent dangers of some chemical uses in cheaper alternatives. As a response to this, the trend appears to be going back to the natural world and to the various ointments and natural extracts that can enhance and give the body the treatment it deserves, while also keeping more chemicals out of the equation entirely.

As more research is also conducted on the efficacy of natural ointments and extracts, we are discovering that there are some incredibly potent and effective uses for certain extracts that were not thought of in the past – from the aromatic tendencies and applications to the natural nourishment and enriching of the epidermis itself – there are fewer and fewer reasons to have chemicals scattered so heavily in the products we use on our bodies.

Even in the masseuse and aromatherapeutic industries, there are notable changes being made to a lot of the products they use, including the elusive and vital component – the massage oil itself. There are more people opting to create their own mixtures and sell them to the purveyors of these industries thanks to the magic of eCommerce platforms and a worldwide distribution potential being more accessible to the common creator.

Who knows, after reading through our favourites, you may be tempted to create your own decadent and luxuriously silky massage oil that could take the world by storm.

Scientific Discovery

There have been numerous studies conducted into the effects of various ingredients in a massage oil, and their overall efficacy for the user, as well as the sustainability of the ingredients themselves. There are some fascinating discoveries being made in the scientific community pertaining to the use of essential extracts and playing around with the various carriers to some inspiring results surrounding muscle pain and aromatic pleasantries.

While the science is always in session when it comes to confirmation and scientific discovery – the results given in experiments like this are heartening for the movement to a more natural world, filled with sustainable, yet beautiful ingredients.

Another incredible study conducted on the principal impacts of Lavender in a massage oil was quite interesting in terms of what resulted. While it is not touted as a medical treatment by any means, there were some notable beneficences in the feeling of calm and the impact on psychologically impactful subjects in the study that noted that the use of lavender in the massage oil had a positive impact on overall mood. The study then went on to conclude that while it does have some positive aspects to it, it should not be considered as a medical treatment. Though it could be considered as a short-term supplementary benefit to have it included in a massage oil recipe to illicit a sense of overall calm, and surprising amounts of nourishment.

While the jury is still out on a number of different scientific studies into the effects of various natural ingredients in massage oil, there are some promising results coming out every year that seems to be steering more people to a more natural and sustainable solution.

Some Creative Choices

Now we get to the fun part, the experimentation can finally begin. As with most concoctions, you have to be prepared to fail a few times before you find the right mixture. While there are a number of different recipes available online at any given moment, you should feel free to buy a few essentials and natural ingredients and try out a few for yourself.

A homemade massage oil is the perfect gift to give your friends and family, people do enjoy treating themselves to an opulent experience – so in many ways, it’s the ultimate gift for the one who has everything.

All essentials are not created equal, especially in the realm of massage oil – some have the aforementioned potent qualities and nourishing components that make it a perfect addition and ingredient for a lotion that is rubbed into the body. We’re going to break down a few of our particular favourite base ingredients we’ve found in naturally enriched massage oil – whether it enhances aromatic qualities or skin nourishment, or even overall feel, we’ve given it some serious thought.

Sweet Almond

An example of an extract that is sure to be in any professional masseuse’s collection – the wonderfully mild and pleasant aroma of sweet almond makes it a perfect base for anyone’s massage oil. The silky texture also allows for a smooth movement as the bodywork is occurring, and has a tremendous staying power so not much has to be used at all.

The best part is, it’s not too expensive, it’s non-allergenic, and is chock full of vitamins and minerals that have an incredible positive impact on the skin. Being healthily bolstered with Vitamin E, potassium, zinc, and plenty of fatty monounsaturated fats.

If you’re thinking about experimenting, perhaps use this particular carrier as a base for your massage oil and add some fragrant delights like Lavender or Sandalwood for an even more relaxing vibe.


This incredibly durable essential extract is perfect for a massage oil as its linoleic acid contents are high and healthy. It is typically utilised by a majority of people who make their own ointment products due to the overwhelming level of ease in which it can be mixed with other substances and is relatively gentle on more sensitive skin – this makes it a perfect ingredient for massage oil.


Jojoba rounds off the list of beautiful ingredients for a homemade massage oil for its incredible qualities pertaining to the more sensitive skin types. If you were thinking about crafting your own little massage oil concoction for loved ones, the worry of irritating their skin is lessened dramatically thanks to the fact that jojoba is extremely similar in its makeup to the body’s natural sebum.

Be bold and experiment with your own mixtures and begin your massage oil journey today.

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