Will Influencer Marketing Rise In 2022?

Nowadays, brands take support from influencers, whether they are top-notch or rising stars, to connect with the audience more personalized. Influencer marketing helps brands to throw unique and customer-oriented content in the market. Whether through memes, reels, or creative content, the brands are reaching out to millions of viewers.

Influencer marketing is not limited to fashion, make-up, retail, or manufacturing brands, but the gaming and casino influencers also promote various online casinos. Many reputed casinos like betFIRST take brand promotion and marketing strategies seriously.

In a survey by INCA and GroupM, influencer marketing has become a top priority for many marketers. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25%, and it will become a billion-dollar business where digital influencers will take 73% of the space. It helps brands develop their market, generate new leads, and increase their revenue.

Top Insights Into Influencer Marketing In 2022

Influencer marketing has become an authoritative market in recent years, and its future seems bright with the best content generated on Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. It has made businesses make a shift from traditional to internet marketing. Let us now see a few top trends that will make their way in 2022.

  1. TikTok Use will be On Rising: One of the highest audience engagement platforms. The brands have moved on to influencers with thousands of followers to promote their brand products/services. Even 87% of the influencers stated that this social media platform generates the maximum engagement. It makes marketers use this platform extensively.
  2. Shift Towards Audio and Video: The influencers will be seen shifting their content from simple images to audio and video. People consume more visual content, as it helps them quickly memorize the brand’s name and its products/services. There are special podcasts released for the people who are auditory learners. Insta-IGTV is an example of Audio-Video content.
  3. Live Video Shopping will Increase: Live Videos have become quite popular since 2021, and 2022 will see more live video content. Here, the influencers sell the brand’s products and services through live video content. Like, many make-up influencers create make-up looks with different brand products and even put up a link to purchase those products in the live videos.
  4. The Emergence of Professional Influencers: Until now, we have seen influencer marketing taking a top place on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok. But, influencer marketing will increase on a professional platform like LinkedIn too. Most companies make their employees their influencers and create creative content to promote their products/services. You can see more executives or even CEOs talking about their brands through LinkedIn campaigns.


Influencer Marketing is here to stay in 2022, and the creativity involved in this marketing has made businesses choose it as a top mode for marketing their products. Even the brands target various types of influencers to market their products/services. It has made the brands reach out to a distinct customer base quickly.

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