Why You Should Switch to Bamboo Fibre Garments Right Now

With environmental awareness becoming more essential with time, searches for eco-friendly products and materials have increased. The textile industry knows that, thus, numerous efforts are being put into looking for options or replacements to the usual synthetic fibres, which are harmful to the planet earth.

Plant-based biodegradable fibres like bamboo trees have been highlighted in recent years. Bamboo is a versatile and sustainable plant that offers many benefits. So, it is no wonder why manufacturers have been producing clothing like bamboo bras, undies, T-shirts, or flares.

The bamboo tree is a sturdy and robust plant and has been a common source of raw materials for several generations. Turning this fantastic resource into a textile would also mean getting the benefits of what the plant has to offer. This article will enumerate some of the benefits of bamboo fabric and why you should purchase clothing made out of it.

To Set the Record Straight

The bamboo fibres’ eco-friendliness has become an issue because of their different manufacturing processes. There are two main types of bamboo fibre production, the chemical process and the mechanical process. Many bamboo fabrics are made from the chemical process, just like rayon is created from wood or cotton. The chemical process of obtaining bamboo fabric is lengthy. It uses chemicals like sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and carbon disulphide (CS2) to cook bamboo; the solution obtained is soaked in sulfuric acid, which hardens into fine strands. Due to the use of chemicals, this process of manufacturing bamboo fabric is harmful to the environment, humans, and especially labourers. The process also results in the fabric losing the plant’s natural properties.

However, the mechanical process uses a closed-loop method and maintains the plant’s environmental friendliness. It is an organic and natural process of creating bamboo fibres without toxic chemicals. The solvents used in the process are also reusable, thus minimizing the waste produced from the manufacturing. Some textile companies now prefer this method and manufacture garments such as bamboo bras, underwear, t-shirts, etc.

The Plant is Naturally Antimicrobial.

The flowering plant naturally possesses both an antibacterial and an antifungal agent, “bamboo kun”. Furthermore, its antibacterial properties are one-of-a-kind as it can both eliminate bacteria and inhibit the production of more bacteria. Therefore, there is no need to use fungicides or pesticides in cultivating bamboo; thus, you can be sure that your clothing will be chemical-free. More importantly, the process allows the fabric you are wearing to retain its antimicrobial prowess. It also enables you to wash your clothes in lower heat settings or cooler water temperatures, thus reducing water and energy consumption.

Bamboo is Intrinsically Hypoallergenic.

Bamboo fibre is soft and hasn’t undergone any chemical treatments. Due to its natural way of production, no allergens such as spikes and spurs are present on the fabric that can cause skin irritation. Individuals prone to allergies and have susceptible skin should find comfort and reliability in bamboo products. Undergarments made from bamboo fibres can also be worn for extended periods, especially in emergencies or long travels.

The fibre is Structurally Breathable.

Under the powerful magnification of a microscope’s lens, the micro-gaps in between its structure are visible on a bamboo fibre’s cross-section cut. These gaps enable absorption of any moisture that may come in contact with the fabric, thus providing ventilation to the clothing wearer. In addition, studies have shown that bamboo fabric has faster and better sweat and water fibre evaporation and is more absorbent than cotton or other materials.

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