Why Roofing Tile Is The Superior Roofing Product

Roofing tiles helps in creating a favorable condition in the room, in a layman’s language, they controls the temperature in the room. Moreover, they are good insulators and absorb sound making the room a soundproof space. They are also made from different materials just like the roof itself.

5 major elements to consider before buying roofing tiles and how you can carefully install them to avoid damages and ensure you do not purchase another set.

Energy efficiency

Roofing tiles should be strong and provide an energy efficient roof to withstand adverse weather changes. The weather effects are such as strong winds, sudden strong sounds and storms, heavy rains and strong sunlight among others. They should not shake during any of these conditions.

Procedure of maintenance and installation

Before buying a roofing tile, you need to understand each of its maintenance requirements and the procedure of maintenance; different materials have few but critical procedures for maintenance. The procedure of maintaining the material before use must be followed to the point before installation is done; this helps you enjoy the long service it can offer depending on the type of the material the tile is made of.

Material weight

Roofing tiles should not be made too heavy because it can lower the service period. To avoid worrying about the roofing tiles, you can go for a lighter and a stronger set of tiles as this will serve you for the exact period it should. Moreover light tiles are not suitable in areas of extremely strong winds and snows such as deserts and mountain tops.

Roof slope

The slope of a roof refers to the count of inches vertically higher above the origin that is, 12 inches in the horizontal direction. Roof pitch should be moderately higher; a standard roof pitch should range between (25 to 46) degrees to make tiles be easily installable otherwise if the pitch is too high, a special personnel would be required to install it using special tiles other than the ordinary ones.

Price ranges

Roofing tiles prices in Kenya have different ranges per square unit. This is due to the type of the material used to design the tiles. The roofing tiles can be made of materials such as the clay, plastics concretes and other existing elements. It is these materials that determine the price range per square unit.

A tile can be light, strong and expensive. Heavy strong and have a low value, light and weak but only of a lower cost for a particular material that has been used to design the tile.


Any other building material has a key role. However, some materials have more importance than others. For instance can you compare the gutter to the actual roof? Of course the roof has a major role compared to the gutter but when we get down to the ground they both have importance. In a summary of this article, all types of roofing tiles require proper inspection before buying, proper installation, and a good maintenance for longer service. It is also a necessary requirement to keep replacing the tiles on a regular basis.

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