Why Is It Necessary to Take Care of Your Scalp to Have Shiny and Healthy Hair?

Many of us focus only on our hair health with pricy shampoos, hair masks, and hair oils, but hair health begins with a healthy and groomed scalp.

The hair strand is a sebaceous filament made of a protein called keratin. Each hair strand grows from a hair follicle, a tiny organ embedded in multitudes on the dermis layer of the skin of your scalp. Stem cells in the follicles produce hair. This is why beautiful hair begins where hair begins, at the scalp.

Getting to the Root of Beautiful Hair

Scalp massage relaxes and reduces stress, one of the most underestimated holistic anti-aging secrets. Mutual massage helps to increase bonding in couples, so try a scalp massage to build your relationship while improving your hair and scalp health.

Remember your last salon haircut, where you likely received a luxurious massage from your stylist’s shampoo assistant? A professional shampooing includes a scalp massage for a reason: it promotes hair growth and beauty.

Practicing this kind of self-care at home daily or a few times a week has known benefits for your scalp’s softness, elasticity, and hair growth ability. Therapeutic touch to the area increases blood flow, promoting oxygenation of the follicles.

So why not fluff up your mop and enjoy scalp massage with your partner or yourself, daily or a few times a week, to increase blood flow to the scalp area and rev up hair growth? Massage spreads the body’s own natural oils around the hair cuticles and scalp to promote shiny, flowing hair.

Why You Should Massage Your Scalp With a Scalp Stimulator

Hands work well for scalp massage promoting scalp health, but a tool such as a scalp stimulator could give you even more noticeable results. A good manual scalp stimulator is the perfect tool for massaging your scalp. It helps apply a more pointed biomechanical pressure to stretch and stimulate the hair follicles, increase blood flow, and get rid of oil, dandruff, and dead skin cells.

You can use a scalp stimulator alongside hair growth oils and serums such as rosemary essential oil or coconut oil before a shampoo.

Healthy Whole Foods, Supplements, and Vitamins Promote Scalp Health

Lower than recommended levels of vitamin B, vitamin D, and, biotin can all cause hair loss, so be sure to see a doctor if you experience noticeable changes. For those who suffer from vitamin deficiencies, supplementing with vitamins will have a noticeable impact on the look of their hair. These vitamins make their way into the hair follicle on the scalp.

Many supplements on the market claim to aid in hair growth. Specific formulations target hair loss due to stress, alopecia, androgenic alopecia, and vitamin deficiency. However, even a healthy person who wants a boost in the quality of their natural hair might find these products helpful.

A Holistic Approach

A holistic approach to your hair and scalp health will ensure thick, beautiful hair in no time. Maintaining a healthy diet will also provide the body with the vitamins needed to grow shiny and healthy hair!

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