Why I love sola wood flowers?

My first introduction to sola wood flowers was in Ogden when I attended my cousin’s wedding there. I was so impressed and fascinated with the elegance and delicacy of these blooms when I learned that they are made of a kind of wood. Sola wood flowers are made of the bark of balsa trees, but their softness makes you spellbound. It was also shocking for me to see purple roses that were actually purple wood flowers.

It was wonderful to know that wooden flowers are an organic product and cause no pollutions as they are 100% bio-degradable. All these features were unique that provoke me to know more about wooden blooms.

Origin of sola wood flowers:

There are three kinds of wood used as raw material for sola wood flowers:

  • Some sola wood flowers can be created from the woody shrub usually known as cassava
  • Shola, or balsa tree wood (Ochroma pyramidale), is another source of wooden blooms.
  • The tapioca plant root is also used as the material to make sola wood flowers.
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Plants that have had their bark removed have a light, corky interior that looks like genuine blooms.

Making of sola wood flowers:

All of the sola wood flowers are made BY HAND, and there is nothing to do with machines. This way of making wooden flowers implies every single wooden flower’s distinct and unique appearance, precisely like a real one.

Strips obtained from the bark or skin of the plants mentioned above is cut into thin sheets. For a distinctive, natural multi-colored appearance, the bark, or sections of it, is sometimes left on the blooms. This process is followed by hand shaping and gathering the ivory sheets into any number of stunningly realistic looking flowers.

Stunning features of sola wood flowers:

Sola wood flower Ogden provided me with countless reasons to love these eco-friendly blooms. Some of the reasons are:

  • Sola wood flowers never get dehydrated, they are durable, and brides can keep their bridal bouquet the perfect wedding keepsake for years.
  • Wooden blooms are fragrance-free and pollen-free, so these are an ideal substitute for fresh flowers for people suffering from any sort of pollen or fragrance allergies and asthma.
  • These flowers are available in every natural and artificial hue because these are easy dying blooms. All sources can dye sola wood blooms, from fabric paint to spray paint, watercolors, and acrylic paint.
  • Thanks to sola wood flowers, no seasonal restrictions can stop you more to get your favorite flowers on your big day. So you are free to have Sunflowers for your winter wedding or purple wood flowers to set a particular wedding theme.
  • The durability of wooden flowers allows DIY-lovers to create their own kind of floral arrangements or exclusively customized bridal bouquets. These flowers easily adjust in all kinds of simple, complicated, or even giant floral arrangements.
  • These flowers are ideal for corsages, boutonnieres, floral crowns, and floral jewelry because of their ability to display the miniature version of real flowers.
  • The budget-friendly nature of sola wood flowers helps couples to save their wedding budget for other essentials. They can even rent their sola wood floral arrangements for the event for minimum charges.

Don’t forget to share your reasons to love sola wood flowers with us!

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