Why Car Subscription Services are Better Than Buying a Car 

Car ownership provides plenty of perks. It lets you enjoy the most convenient way of transportation, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when most public transportation systems had to stop operating for safety purposes. But owning and maintaining a car may come with lots of responsibilities. Therefore, some people choose to get a car subscription instead of buying a vehicle.

There are lots of awesome reasons why you must consider vehicle subscription plans instead of purchasing a car. If you are still undecided about owning or subscribing to subscription services, here are several perks that may help you consider your option.


Buying and maintaining a personal car can be very costly. In Australia, you need to spend on other duties aside from paying for the car. MoneySmart listed down some of the necessary expenses in car ownership in Australia. It includes paying for the car registration, stamp duty, and car insurance. You must also allocate your budget for necessary repairs and regular maintenance.

But if you get a self-drive car subscription, you do not have to pay the hefty amount necessary for the downpayment for the car and the other necessary maintenance charges. Instead, it only requires you to pay a minimum refundable deposit, which you will get after the end of your subscription plan.

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Drive the Latest Model

The performance of the car varies according to the year it was manufactured. Most of the time, personal vehicles work best for a decade or less. Unfortunately, it means that you only have a few years to enjoy driving a car that you purchased. Then, after a while, you need to shell out for car maintenance, which could be expensive in the long run.

But if you choose the car rental subscription option, you do not have to worry about the maintenance of old vehicles. You can change the car that you are currently driving for the latest unit anytime you want. It means you will have a smooth driving experience with new vehicles all the time.

No Hidden Charges 

Since you need to pay for many corresponding charges when owning a vehicle, the car’s actual value may be lesser than the amount you need to pay for car ownership. It is especially true if you choose to pay for the car every month.

But with car subscriptions, everything that you need to pay for is already included in your subscription plan. You only need to pay the rent based on your customised tenure. You may even pay less if you have longer tenure plans.

Get Digital Assistance 

There is plenty of paperwork needed when buying a car. The dealer will ask you to submit various documents that you must acquire from different agencies. It will need a huge chunk of your time and resources to comply with all the requirements.

But with subscription services, the car rental provider can let you transact digitally. You do not have to visit their office to sign up for a plan since you can submit everything online or through a mobile app. It means you can apply for the subscription anytime and anywhere.

Signing up for a car subscription can be a better and more convenient way to drive a car by yourself. It lets you save a huge amount of money instead of paying for various car ownership fees. So talk to your local car rental service provider to know more about getting a subscription.

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