Why Buy Wholesale Swimwear from a Chinese Clothing Wholesaler?

Online e-commerce websites have given China wholesale clothing an influx of international customers, and many of them are branded as China’s version of eBay. Most of these websites act as a kind of wholesale online shop, with sellers acting independently of one another and using the platform to sell their products. The Alibaba-owned AliExpress website, for example, boasts thousands of China clothing wholesalers. This platform ships to nearly every country and accepts payments via Visa and MasterCard, although not PayPal.

XingchengYaohui International Swimwear

For those who aren’t familiar with Xingcheng, it’s a small seaside town and factory town on the northeastern coast of China. The area is famous for making one-fourth of the world’s swimsuits. During the coronavirus outbreak, production was temporarily halted as the country made everyone stay indoors.


It is very difficult to choose the right supplier when buying wholesale Swimwear from China. This is because most Chinese suppliers do not comply with US or EU substance regulations and do not provide English language textile labels. There are some advantages of buying your swimwear from a Chinese clothing wholesaler. First of all, you’ll be able to get a wider selection of high-quality Swimwear at low prices.

CN Bikinis

There are several reasons to buy swimwear wholesale from a Chinese clothing wholesaler. Firstly, they are affordable. You can choose to buy from one of the many online clothing wholesalers. In addition to this, they are highly professional. These suppliers sell 2 million pieces a year. And they also provide good after-sales service. If you’re a designer, you can find a good supplier through AliExpress.

XingchengWisrise Garment

EC Garment Manufacturing Co Ltd, located in Xingcheng, Liaoning province, has carved out a new niche for itself. While swimwear sales dropped by 50% after the outbreak of COVID-19, the company’s first-half sales of yoga apparel products increased by four times year on year. The sudden popularity of home-based fitness has led to a surge in demand for health products, and as swimming returns to its previous peak, so will the demand for these items.

Dongguan Wisrise Garment

If you want to buy wholesale swimwear, you can do so from Dongguan Wisrise Garments. This manufacturer specializes in producing quality swimsuits and other sportswear and boasts a global clientele. The company is based in Dongguan City and operates two factories, each employing approximately 350 highly trained and experienced garment workers. The company also offers custom design and pattern-making services for both small and large orders.


Buying wholesale swimwear from a Chinese clothing wholesaler can be an easy way to save money on clothing. China is the largest source of clothing in the world, and its clothing industry has many products and suppliers available for you to choose from. These manufacturers can provide you with the quality and design you want, as well as affordable wholesale items. If you want to find more items from China, consider visiting Global Sources, a leading online wholesale clothing website. These sites have a huge selection of products including wholesale bikinis and beachwear.

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