Why 300 Litre Solar Water Heater is a Popular Choice

This article explains why you need a solar water heater, why you should install this essential equipment for domestic use or commercial purposes and how best you can use it.

Before buying any solar water heater you should be aware of these features to make the best decision.

Having a water heater is one of the major steps every household should make. But to achieve that, you need a standard water heater that will serve you for a longer time and meet your needs.

The introduction of solar water heaters has brought enormous advantages to many. Here are some of the facts that you should know about this magnificent product. Solar water heaters are available in different sizes depending on the amount of water needed. 


Knowing the volume of the solar water heater to use is a paramount decision. Making the right choice of what capacity to buy will depend on whether you are using it for industrial or domestic purposes. The 300 litre solar heater is ideal to serve both purposes.

Zero Cost

Most African homes are facing the problem of power supply. Those who have access to electricity also have to pay large bills for its use. Most households that use water heaters have cut electricity by almost 65%. This is because of water heaters using solar energy to operate.

You won’t have to incur additional costs for using solar water heater. The 300 litre solar water heater price is also fair and affordable.

Temperature regulation

On a summer day, the water can heat to an approximate temperature of between 60°c and 70°c. However, the temperature can exceed to even 95°c. That explains why a solar water heater has an inbuilt thermostatic capacity to regulate the temperature to a certain threshold.

It is maintained at an average temperature of 65°c to prevent scalding of the skin ensuring secure use.

Durability and Maintenance

Everyone prefers buying a durable product to cut off maintenance costs. Having repairs for any product can be costly as well as cumbersome. That is why proper care is required to make it effective. Here are some of the measures to ensure proper maintenance:

  1. Using direct heating for soft water and indirect water for hard water. Hard water results to clogging of the pipes hence bursting them.
  2. Knowing the type of solar collectors to use-Flat tube collectors and Evacuate tube collectors. The flat tube collectors are made of metal and most preferably used in tropical conditions while the latter are used in both temperate and tropical areas.
  3. Regular servicing- It ensures that the pipes are periodically checked of any disconnection and be cleaned too.

Cheap installation

Solar water heaters are not only easy to install but also cheap too. You will need an engineer to locate the right position to place it. Whether on the roof top or on the ground. The roof should be able to bear the weight of the panel. Either a two-way piping system or one-way, all pipes should be well connected to avoid leakages.

Quality goes with price and the 300 litre solar water heaters suits the standards that you require.


You do not have to worry about the initial price  as you can opt to team up with a few other household and have a common solar water heater. This works best for people living in an estate. Get yourself on the go with a solar heater whose quality outweighs any other ways of heating water.

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