Whether you should buy a new or used car

If you follow the advice in the Guide, you can expect to save anywhere from an absolute minimum of $1,000 to several thousand dollars when buying or leasing. I base that on actual transaction prices, provided to brokers such as myself by banks and credit unions. They report back on what people actually pay when they buy at a dealership, versus using someone such as me.

I’ve also tracked what my transaction prices are compared to those released by such sites as, which tracks these both regionally and nationally. And that savings includes the broker’s fee, which averages $500-$700. Since you’ve only spent $47 on this guide and you can skip the broker fee, you can expect to do even better. While the Guide works great as a stand-alone resource, the car business can change very quickly.

Which is why my blogs, both at Car and exist [links]. Here you’ll find the latest industry news, car reviews, and even more detail on how to save time, money, and hassle when you’re actively searching for a car.


They all work together to arm you with enough useful tips—and the context with which to understand them—to make you the most knowledgeable consumer a dealer or private party seller has ever seen. This will help insure your next car buying experience is more streamlined, less emotionally draining, and nets you a vehicle that meets your needs better—and saves you money


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