Where can I play Slingo slots? 

Online gambling hasn’t been around for long when compared to other forms of gambling. However, since its limited presence, it has taken the gambling world by storm and transformed gambling. Not only has it made gambling more accessible and mainstream, but this also relatively new form of gambling has brought millions of more punters to the gambling table, and all have been willing to try their luck on various gambling games. You can check out famous online casinos, such as Slots Baby casino.

The early days of online gambling were a golden age for table games but once the public had been introduced to the potential of video slots, these reel-based games quickly dominated the gambling arena and still do to this day. 


Gambling online is all about offering customers a variety of entertainment, but what has also happened is that new variants of established games have developed to help keep things original and interesting. Games like Megaways slots and Quantum Roulette have added spice to games that are the bread and butter of online casino gambling. 

Constant Change 

The gambling environment remains fluid and innovations are bringing constant change, whilst other flashes of inspiration in the past, are only now coming to fruition. This is the case of Slingo which was invented in 1994 and introduced to the masses in 1996 courtesy of the AOL platform. It is unclear why this slot/bingo hybrid has only recently come to the boil, but it is now fulfilling its potential. 

In the gambling world, some like a bit of everything including sports betting, but most gamblers are split between table gamers, slot players, sports bettors, and bingo players. Slots are the most popular form of gambling and they have been blamed for stealing many punters away from bingo. Slingo brings the best of both worlds, and these games have reintroduced casino customers to the joys of bingo with a slot twist added in for good measure. 

Slingo Format Explained 

Slingo games are mainly played on a 5×5 number grid that mirrors 75-ball bingo cards. Below the grid is a 5×1 slot real that player spin. Here numbers and special characters can land, which can help cross off numbers on the 5×5 grid. Jokers and Wilds plus other special symbols can lead to shortcuts in creating Slingo lines and winning cash prizes. The trend is to give famous slot franchises such as Rainbow Riches and Reel King a Slingo makeover and this seems to be on the increase. 

Where to Find Slingo Games 

Slingo games are becoming easier to find thanks to a surge in their popularity. Many online casinos that have bingo halls also stock these hybrid games. If you fancy taking these games for a practice run, then they can be played in demo mode on slot review sites and online casinos. Even the label that creates the Slingo format allows punters to demo play these games and this is a godsend because players of traditional slots may find the format quite puzzling at first. However, if you want to play for real, then your first port of call should be more bingo-focused online gambling brands.

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