What Vegetables Should Diabetics Avoid?

Diabetes is fast growing into a pandemic of sorts but with milder effects as many people do not see it as a life threatening disease. But in all fairness, diabetes can alter the entire body and how the organs function and can have lasting effects on the health of a patient who is affected by diabetes.

Many people are now diagnosed with diabetes even at a young age due to the poor lifestyle that most of the young generation is leading. There are methods to control diabetes through western and ayurvedic medicine for diabetes but there are many practices and tips that diabetic patients need to follow and keep in mind throughout their life so as to help them manage this disorder.

Food Restrictions and Diabetes

Diabetics patients lead a life full of restrictions as they need to cut down on many things that can raise their blood sugar levels and consume food that is closer to nature – such as whole grains, whole wheat and low glycemic level fruits and vegetables.

It may come as a shock to many as there are many fruits and vegetables that diabetic patients cannot consume. Even though fruits and vegetables are natural and considered harmless, some of them have high natural sugar and are full of scratch, which can raise the blood sugar levels in the body.

Below are a list of Vegetables and Fruits that are to be avoided by Diabetic Patients:

1.Carrots and Beets

Carrots and beets are from a family of tubers that grow underneath the soil. These vegetables have naturally high amounts of sugar and therefore must be avoided by diabetic patients. Carrots and beets in salads and juices must also be avoided.

2. Potatoes

Potatoes are also tubers and have high amounts of starch and complex carbohydrates. These carbs convert into sugar and deposit as fat when unused and metabolised in the body and therefore must be avoided. Doctors recommend avoiding potatoes in any form, salads, fried, boiled etc.

3. Corn and Peas

Corn and peas are delicious vegetables that are added in most salads and soups but are high in sugar and therefore must be avoided or at least eaten within proportion. Their natural sweet flavour is because of the presence of natural sugars and therefore must be avoided or may be eaten well within proportion occasionally by diabetics.

4. Yams

Yams are tubers just like potatoes and all kinds of yams must be avoided as they have a high level of starch in them. The complex carbohydrates require proper metabolism and need to be burned in the body, the lack of which can raise the blood sugar levels in diabetics and cause complications.

5. Apples

Apples are cruciferous and have high sugar levels and therefore must be avoided by diabetic patients. Apple pies, apple syrups, apple juices, etc can have high amounts of natural and artificial sugar and therefore must be completely avoided. Apples in their natural form can be had in small proportions from time to time, especially green country apples that have higher Vitamin C.

6. Grapes

Grapes have high amounts of sugar and therefore must be had in proportion. Country seeded grapes that are black are much richer in fiber than the deseeded hybrid variety. Diabetics can choose black seeded grapes grown organically over these hybrid green varieties.

These tips along with a healthy lifestyle and ayurvedic medicine for diabetes can help manage diabetes most effectively in patients.

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