What To Do If Your Teenage Child Gets In Legal Trouble?

When a person hears the term “criminal,” the face of a teenage child does not usually come to mind. A parent never thinks that their child can get involved in illegal activities. However, the reality is teenagers do commit crimes. 

Teen years are the time when people make the biggest and silliest mistakes of their life. It is not unusual to find even the best-behaved kids in trouble with the law. However, instead of scolding your child, you must get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer Knoxville, TN to protect their future. 

Tips if your teenage child gets in legal trouble

  • Know that your child can make mistakes. 

Your child is not an angel. Even the best-behaved kids can sometimes indulge in wrong activities due to peer pressure. Kids occasionally do things out of character. Do not take the situation lightly or be ignorant, thinking your child cannot do something illegal.

  • Do not talk to the police. 

The police are not on your side. Do not attempt to explain your child’s innocence to the police, even if you think the police are making a mistake. Once your child has been accused of a crime, nothing except evidence can get them out of trouble. Likewise, do not let your child speak to the police without the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. Anything you or your child says can be used against them in court. 

  • Respect the police and speak politely. 

It is normal to feel anger when falsely accused of a crime. However, it is critical to be respectful towards the police. Here are a few tips for your child.

  • Be calm and do not call them names.
  • Provide your identification and information about your vehicle, if required. 
  • Do not say anything other than basic information. When asked questions regarding the incident, ask politely if you can leave or call your attorney. 
  • Do not represent your child. 

Parents want the best for their children. However, your intervention in a legal matter will not help and may even worsen the case. For example, your child may lie to the police in fear of you which can hurt their case. Your child will be much more comfortable speaking with an attorney. An attorney can effectively help clear your child’s name from criminal records.

Before taking any step, remember that your child’s future depends on this case. If your child is 16 or older, even a simple arrest can affect their college opportunities, career choices, and professional life. When it comes to your child, do not hesitate in hiring a lawyer. 

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