What to do after a Florida bicycle accident?

Compared to passengers and drivers in passenger cars, bicyclists are at a higher risk of suffering serious injuries in a traffic accident. Bicycle accidents are frequently reported in Florida each year, and the numbers are on the rise. Getting injured in such a mishap can be traumatic, especially if the vehicle driver was at fault. If you have any questions on your mind, you can click here to get a free case analysis. In this post, we are sharing the steps to follow after a Florida bicycle accident.

Call 911: Reporting the accident to local law enforcement is a wise idea, and you may want to get immediate medical assistance depending on the injuries you have endured. For both, calling 911 is a good idea. The authorities will arrive at the scene and offer help on the spot. Do not leave the scene and cooperate with the investigating officer. They will take your statement, and you should aim to be as accurate as possible.

  • Get medical treatment: If an ambulance didn’t arrive at the scene, you should still prioritize your health and wellbeing over everything else. Head to an injury doctor and get medical treatment right away. The medical documentation will come in handy as you file a claim and seek compensation for the damages.
  • Locate witnesses: A lot of claims are decided based on witness testimonies, which are accepted by juries and insurance companies for most cases. As witnesses have nothing to gain, their statement makes an impact. Check if there were people at the scene and get their contact details to contact them later.
  • Gather details: As you wait at the scene, use your phone to gather as many pictures and videos as you can. Take close-ups of your injuries, the damaged bike, and the vehicles involved in the accident. Also, make sure that you write down all you can remember about the bicycle accident in detail on a piece of paper. Your lawyer needs to know everything before they proceed with the case.
  • Call a lawyer: Only a handful of law firms in Florida can claim to have extensive experience representing victims of bicycle accidents. Make sure that you find a lawyer with a credible profile, and to compare options, check for client reviews online or ask for references.

Also, don’t repair your bicycle right away. Your bike is one of the most critical pieces of evidence.

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