What technology is used for live casino games?

More and more gamblers have started to turn to live casino games when looking for a way to enhance their online gambling experiences, as these particular types of games are able to provide them with a number of advantages and benefits that other gaming categories are unable to offer.

For instance, players are able to enjoy an immersive experience when they choose from one of the many live dealer variants of poker, roulette, blackjack and baccarat and others when they opt for a session at Casino777 as they are provided with some of the best graphics, real-time play and a friendly and sociable experience.

Naturally, a lot of this is only possible due to the technological advances and the innovations that they have provided over the years, which is why the most authentic of casinos are continually provided, despite many playing from the comfort of their own homes or on a portable device.

Nonetheless, what is the technology being used and what kind of equipment has allowed operators and developers to provide these types of game to the mass market?

OCR has been critical

One of the biggest pieces of innovative technology that has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years and is widely used within the iGaming industry, as well as many others, is optical character recognition (OCR) software.

This software has become incredibly vital for operators in order to provide realistic and authentic live casino experiences as it is able to track the symbols that are depicted on the playing cards and the numbers of roulette wheels and display them in an instant that will then allow for winners to be announced quickly and effectively.

In order to do this, OCR software will have also required powerful cameras to be in use, but these are also required for the players who actually decide to partake in a live casino game. The technology provided by the cameras will allow for gamblers to feel as immersed and engrossed in the action as possible, as they will provide a visual experience that will make it feel as though the punter is actually sitting in a physical casino environment.

Furthermore, a number of different cameras will be used, as they will provide a number of different angles and perspectives that players can take advantage of and help enhance the overall setting further.

Game Control Unit and monitors

The game control unit (GCU) is a vital piece of online casino software that all operators and developers who provide live dealer games will need to ensure they have. This unit has the capability of making sure the game is delivered to individuals as quickly as possible, whilst in the most effective and efficient manner.

To further highlight the equipment’s importance, each table game will have one of these components and this will take care of all of the coding aspects, therefore allowing for a live stream to be provided as best it can and without any delays.

Lastly, another piece of vital kit any live casino game will require is a monitor that is based in the studio. This will allow for the dealer to be able to interact with the players who are playing the game as they will be able to see any of the messages that are left for them in a live chatbox that is typically available. This will obviously help to bring a level of authenticity and realism, as players generally like to interact with the dealer when they stand at a physical table, as well.

Humans can be described as technology

Although it might seem to be a little odd, humans can be categorised as key pieces of technology, especially for the live casino industry. Live dealers are far from being automated robots, but they do have the same job as they are there to ensure the game runs as smoothly as possible and without error, whilst also making sure it remains as entertaining and as realistic as possible as they will typically be professionally trained and rather friendly.


It would perhaps be wrong to try and highlight one piece of technology as being the single most important component for live casino games to operate as effectively as possible as each piece of equipment is certainly required. Nonetheless, what can not be denied is the fact that they are all extremely important and work in tandem with each other.

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