What is Australia’s Certificate 3 in Public Safety?

If you’re in the firefighting industry, you may be aware of your opportunities to climb the career ladder. For example, one of the most valuable courses is Certificate III in Public Safety. But what is this certificate? Perhaps to understand a little better, the full title is important: Certificate III in Public Safety (Firefighting and Emergency Operations).

What Does the Course Entail?

Ultimately, this qualification is made for firefighters and emergency responders with experience. If you’re in a role whereby you attend emergencies, disasters, and similar events, this qualification will provide valuable experience and skills. According to the course description, it helps professionals that attend incidents that place a danger on property, life, or the environment.

Once you start the course, it will contain 11 units. While seven are core units and necessary for the qualification, four are elective units. As well as completing the seven core units, you’ll need to choose from the elective units to complete the qualification.

Here’s what you can expect from the core units:

  • Employ personal protection at a hazardous materials incident
  • Provide advanced resuscitation
  • Operate pumps
  • Suppress urban fire
  • Maintain safety at an incident scene
  • Render hazardous materials incidents safe
  • Drive vehicles under operational conditions

Why Choose the Course?

Firstly, can you take the course? According to the FSA requirements, you first need to have the right fitness to take part. Since this is a demanding course on the body, you’ll need good fitness levels before enrolling. What’s more, you’ll need to shave off all facial hair for the use of breathing apparatus.

Furthermore, you’ll need to bring PPE and clothing appropriate for the site of the course. Depending on the provider, this might include fire PPE. While on the topic of providers, it’s best to choose a Diamond registered training organisation in Australia. By doing this, you have a provider that goes above and beyond. As you’ll notice, the course you’ll undertake may vary depending on the provider.

Finally, you’ll also need an unrestricted Australian driving license. As long as you meet these requirements, there’s no reason why you can’t complete this course and gain a highly-admired certification in the field.

Generally speaking, the course takes place over around three weeks (if you choose the intense route). Otherwise, some providers allow you to train at your own pace. For example, you might choose to take a couple of core units at a time. After starting the certification, you’ll need to complete the whole course within 12 months. Therefore, there’s some flexibility if you choose to go at your own pace.

In terms of assessment, the course is made up of 40% practical and 60% theory. Therefore, it’s a nice balance between the two and should allow all professionals to shine.

Returning to the previous question, why should you choose the course? For one thing, it’s the perfect training for senior fire, response, and rescue team members. If your job involves responding to structural fires and other emergencies, the skills you learn through the certification are invaluable.

In your job, you’ve learned to expect the unexpected. This certification provides as much training as possible when it comes to hazardous materials and other hazards. What’s more, it takes place in a team environment. After completing the certification, you’ll have more skills and abilities in your profession. What’s more, it will look incredible on your CV while helping to climb the ladder of your career.

Why not start on the path to a Certificate III in Public Safety today? Contact a reliable provider to get the ball rolling!

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