What Factors Are Calculated as Damages in a Personal Injury Case? 

Personal injury means physical, mental, or property damage due to another party’s negligence. In this type of injury, you can file a personal injury case against the party to recover the compensation. 

If you have filed a personal injury lawsuit and there is a settlement offer for the case, you have to now consider various factors that will provide compensation for your damages. If you live in Sacramento, you can consult various Sacramento injury attorney who can provide complete guidance for your case.

Factors for Damages in a Personal Injury Case

Medical Costs: The personal injury case must include estimating medical costs. The cost of appointments, follow-ups, medication, surgery, physical therapy and other expenses are considered in the medical cost. You have to prove all the estimations about your medical treatments. 

Loss of Earning Potential: When a personal injury is due to some other negligence, you suffer physically and emotionally. If there is severe physical injury, you lose your time in medication and recovery. This affects your earning potential; therefore, it is also one of the important factors to consider as a personal injury loss. 

Pain and Suffering: Pain and suffering cannot be measured in money, but still, when we consider insurance claims, we have to include the intensity of the injury and how traumatic the incident was to affect your health. So, this factor plays an important role in estimating the insurance claim. 

Lost Opportunities: If you are suffering from personal injuries, there is a lost opportunity that you have to consider while estimating the claim amount. If you are a player with personal injury, this can cost you a lot. So, in such cases, you have to consider the lost opportunities. 

Property Damage: If there is a car accident or motor accident, in such cases, you are injured along with your property of the car. This is also an important factor for your estimation and will be calculated in the insurance claims. 

Loss of Future Earning Potential: If you have a personal injury, for instance, in a car accident, you can also face permanent disability. If there is a permanent disability, it becomes a problem for the person to earn in the future. So, in such cases, the future earning potential is lost, and it is, therefore, considered in the insurance estimation. 

There are also other factors that you can consider, but these are some general factors that lawyers propose to the court or for the settlement of insurance claims. 

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