Warning Signs When you Should Call Geyser Service Team

The winters are just around the corner, which means the temperature will drop in no time- thereby compelling you to consider hot water as a top priority. Today, most people use water geysers and heaters to source hot water for their household needs, especially during winter. 

Need for Professional Geyser Service

However, it is essential to mention that most people fail to recognize any potential issue in their Geyser until it is too late. Therefore, it would be best not to wait until your water geyser starts supplying cold water out of the tap since that’s when you have no other option but to dismiss the appliance altogether. 

If you are water heater or Geyser is not supplying you with sufficient heating, you must call a geyser service professional. This will essentially help you realize whether the heating element inside the device gas has gone faulty or the thermostat might be facing some trouble in functioning properly. 

Calling an experienced geyser service team can also benefit you from replacing the entire device altogether. This is especially since the device may have just required some maintenance. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the warning signs on your Geyser that can help you save money in the long run. 

No Hot Water 

If there’s ever a situation where your tap water is cold despite the Geyser running in the background, the chances are that the device is facing some issues. Calling a geyser repair expert will essentially help you find out if your device is not functioning properly due to the pilot light being out, a faulty heating element inside, or a damaged thermostat. 

In all fairness, you should always have a regular maintenance schedule for your Geyser- this can ideally keep your device in the best conditions and identify potential issues instead of replacing the entire unit.

It Leaks 

Secondly, you must also realize that water leakage from the device is also a striking indication that your device needs servicing and repairing. According to professionals, the tank heating up inside the machine causes expansion in the metal.

This expansion and contraction of the metal tank due to constant heating and cooling can directly cause cracks. You must ideally call the maintenance team to have a look at the Geyser in this case. 

Strange Sounds

You may experience strange noises coming out of the device when it is running- however, this is normal since it’s typically a big unit. But if you keep hearing abnormally loud rumbling noises coming from the inside, there’s something wrong with your machine. 

In this case, you must call your geyser service team without any delay. The chances are that mineral deposits may have settled inside, thereby causing your Geyser to overheat. While this makes it hard for your Geyser to heat water, it can also potentially damage the heating element. Furthermore, the sediments inside can also make noise as they jostle inside with the moving water.

Rusty Water

If you are receiving discolored or rust-colored water from the water geyser, there’s a high chance that your heater has developed rust from the inside. Or else, the sediments could also be emerging from the pipes and traveling with the water through your taps. Hence, you must call a geyser repair professional as soon as you start getting brown rust water. 

You must realize that most geysers are susceptible to leaking as soon as they start developing rust. Detailed research will help you realize that geysers come with anode rods- they are essentially designed to attract the corrosive elements in your water. If you realize that you have rust inside your Geyser, chances are your anode rod needs replacing.


Almost all water geysers come with a thermostat inside for maintaining the water temperature while also conserving electricity consumption. In layman’s terms, it essentially monitors the water temperature as set by the user. Then, the device automatically cuts off the power as soon as the water reaches the necessary heat temperature. 

If you find that the Geyser is not heating your water properly or there is a constant overheating issue, you may have a problem with your thermostat inside your water geyser. Therefore, it would be best if you ideally replaced your thermostat at every interval. 

Final Thought

In conclusion, it only fits to admit that regular maintenance can essentially keep your appliances fit and functioning. This will also prevent you from experiencing any recurring problems with your plumbing- given it plays a pivotal role in your everyday lifestyle. 

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