Unique Features of Ingco Welding Machines

To efficiently perform any work, you always need to ensure that you have the right tools for that work. Likewise, one needs the right welding machine for perfect welding as much as choosing the right welding machine may be tedious and confusing. This article therefore expounds the features of this welding machine that makes it stand out among other welding machines.

This welding machine is increasingly becoming popular in the market. One may therefore be wondering why this is the case. The following features make it the most preferred and popular welding machine.

  • Inverter Technology

This Ingo machinehas the best inverter technology. It has no bulky transformers. It is therefore more energy efficient.

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  • Portable

The absence of bulky transformers makes this welding machine light. This means that can be carried from one place to the other. This also means that it can be used in any place where it is needed. It also comes fitted with rolling wheels and top carry handles to enhance its portability.

  • Variety

The ingco welding machine comes with different modifications to suite the user’s taste. There is MMA which allows the user to direct the filler material and produce the arc. This is the most preferred type since the user is in control of the entire welding process. The Semi-automatic inverter type uses an electric arc which causes the filler material to melt.

The variety is also in line with one’s expertise. There are the sophisticated ones for experienced users and the simple ones for amateurs. This differentiation has the following types; MIG, MAG, TIG, Stick and MMA.

Power output is also another variation of this machine. The machines used for industrial purposes or large-scale welding can contain high amount of power and can go on for long without needing rest. The type used on small scale however require frequent rests because it contains low amount of power.

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  • Versatility

Ingco welding machine is very versatile. It comes fitted with a potentiometer. This is useful in the sense that it allows you to alter the settings of the machine to match the material being welded. One can therefore weld different metals with varied thicknesses.

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  • Durability

This machine is preferred because it also lasts longer than other welding machines. It is built with a strong exterior to protect the inner parts from getting damaged. Its top carry handle and rolling wheels are also useful in safe handling during transportation. This ensures that fragile parts are not touched during transportation and therefore prevents breakage.

  • Prices

This is one of the most affordable welding machines in Kenya. Ingco welding machine price in Kenya range from Ksh 10000 to Ksh 19000. With its amiable features, this is definitely a fair price to pay.

  • Material

This machine can weld materials with various thickness provided it has a potentiometer. It can also work on different materials such as Ferrous-metals, medium carbon steel and alloy steel.


This is one of the best but affordable welding machines you will get in the market. You may consider buying it the next time you are shopping for a welding machine. Check more about welding machine price in Kenya.

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