Top 5 Poker Winning Strategies at Casino Websites Top 5 Poker Winning Strategies at Casino Websites 

Poker is an exciting game by nature. It marries chance with skill, boldness and strategy, which are all essential to be a good poker player – also try mobile casino games.

Poker is a very popular game, meaning that the competition you meet is likely to be vast. Especially if you’re playing Texas Hold’em, you might encounter countless solid players. But in this wide range of Hold’em players, there are also those who, quite frankly, have no idea how to play a good hand. These players will be the main source of income for all the skilled players. But how do you tell a good player from a bad one?

In this article, we provide some of the best tips for being a winner, so you don’t find yourself lining up others’ pockets.

Start out by playing at low stakes 

This is very important to any player who is transitioning from live poker to online-casino-style poker. As you will be able to tell, at casino websites the game is very different from the traditional poker set-up. With you playing against the dealer and only having a couple of options with your hand, you will notice there is a high variance on games. That’s why it is important not to break the bank by getting ahead of yourself. 

  • Familiarise yourself with the flow of the game.
  • Learn that chance plays a greater factor in online casino poker.
  • See how you do at low-stakes over a number of hands so you can know what to expect when playing higher stakes. 

Think about the range of possible hands 

A good player judges their situation by thinking of all the possible hands that their opponents might have, rather than assigning them individual and specific hands. You simply cannot know for certain what your opponent is hiding at their side of the table, therefore you need to be prepared for anything. 

  • Thinking of a specific hand that your opponent has is likely to be misleading.
  • Thinking of the range of possible hands that your opponent might have insures you from bad surprises. By looking at the range of possibilities, you will know what the best or worst-case scenarios could be and compare them to your hand. 

Use a consistent strategy 

One of the biggest don’ts in poker is relying entirely on your gut feeling. This is a sure way to drain your bankroll and get beaten by players who play by calculating the odds.

Adopt a consistent strategy in terms of which hands you play and which ones you fold. Stick to this strategy. Poker is a long-term game, meaning that every hand counts and patience is needed. It is okay to take a risk here and there, but do not risk at very low chances. Most importantly, do not risk just because you are bored or want to make something happen. 


A good poker player should always have a reason for what they do. You should be sticking to your strategy at all times, but changing things up sometimes could also work to your benefit!

For example, it is okay to raise with a mid-range hand if you’re playing at a passive table. This is because players who fold a lot and only wait for the high-end cards to drop can likely be pushed to fold on many occasions.

Be sure not to deviate from your strategy too much though, because that is risky behaviour which also indicates to your opponents that you’re playing a blind man’s game.

NOTE: when playing against-the-dealer type of poker, improvising loses meaning as there is much more luck at play. If you deviate from your strategy and improvise, you’re essentially having a blind gamble. 

Do not get attached to pocket-rockets 

This one might seem obvious, but it is the most common mistake made by players, therefore it is worth a mention. If you’re fortunate enough to be dealt a strong private hand such as AA or KK, do not get ahead of yourself. Remember that there are no guarantees and you could still be beaten by a 2 and 3.

Evaluate the range of possible hands and judge your situation accordingly. If you have to fold, then fold – there is no shame in that. Do not go all-in just because you’ve got a rare starting hand.

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