Top 4 Deviant But Effective Tips to Lose Belly Flab

Are you frustrated with your muffin top and love handles that just refuse to budge? If performing exercise and watching your diet is not working, you must think of other ways to ensure effective fat reduction for a happy and healthier you.

There are many thoughtful ways to reduce the visceral fat that cling onto your body, from taking advantage of minimally invasive fat freezing technology to reducing stress. Now take a survey of some of the most unusual but effective fat loss strategies below.

Upgrade Your Beverage Choice

Most people obsess about what they eat but forget that drinks also add a lot of calories. Most people who engage in workouts also rely on sports drinks, which are often packed with sugar and other minerals your body doesn’t need. Instead, it would be best to switch to the following:

  • Water
  • Unsweetened tea
  • Sugar-free coffee
  • Calorie-free flavoured water
  • Seltzer water

Be mindful of your beverage consumption and reduce your soda intake. These sugary drinks offer no real health benefit. On the contrary, they harm your dental health by promoting cavities and will make it hard to reduce belly flab.

Most of all, avoid alcoholic beverages because they can even make you gain belly fat. For example, a tiny shot of Schnapps is 190 calories, a shot of Triple Sec is 225 calories, and a glass of beer is 150 calories. All of these will compound, making belly fat reduction impossible.

Reduce Your Stressors in Life

Stressors will make you gain belly flab because they force your adrenal glands to produce cortisol (aka the stress hormone). Unfortunately, this will increase your appetite and trigger cravings. Ever wonder why you want to binge as therapy when you are stressed?

On top of that, stress will drive your abdominal area to store fat. If you truly want to cut out the fats in your body, stay mindful of your stress level. Apart from your usual workout routine, it would help to practise meditation and yoga.

Also, you must find the root cause of the stress and eliminate it. Make sure you get a solid night’s sleep because sleep quality contributes to stress and also impacts weight loss. If you want to lose weight, prioritise busting stress and getting adequate rest.

Leverage Technology to Get You Better Results

If you truly desire to get rid of fat, you can also leverage technology. Apart from the traditional liposuction treatments, there are now minimally invasive procedures that freeze and melt fat with the help of technology like the following:

  • Lower-level laser therapy
  • Cryolipolysis or cool sculpting
  • Radiofrequency treatments
  • Other ultrasound therapies that target fat.

Consider investing in these safe procedures if you want to eliminate stubborn fat for good. There’s no shame in seeking help from science. In fact, this is a smart strategy, especially when coupled with clean eating habits and exercise. It will get you the swift results you desire.

The key is finding a reputable clinic with state-of-the-art technology and the proper licenses or certifications for operation. Do your due application by researching the different providers, and always remember that the cheapest one is not necessarily the best choice.

Replace Your Cooking Oils With Coconut Oil

If you wonder why your fats are sticking around, the culprit could be the type of oil you use for cooking. It would be best to revert to coconut oil because this is a medium-chain fat that can rev up your metabolism. On top of that, studies show that coconut oil can decrease the amount of fat you store when you consume a lot of calories.

Thus, switching to coconut can promote abdominal fat loss. If you are frustrated because your stringent diet and exercise routine is not working, making this shift to a more healthy fat can help. Staying conscious of what you cook your meals with can have a compounding effect in the long run.

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