Tips to excel in your class 12th board exams

Class 12th exams are very important and crucial. Every student wants to excel in the board exams. Here are some effective tips and tricks to excel in the class 12th board exam:

  • The very first tip is to have a positive attitude and a peaceful state of mind. Always think that you can do this. Have a positive outlook on the exam. Do not fear the board exam. There is a lot of hype around the class 12th exam. Students often take unnecessary pressure and get anxious about their board exams. It is good to prepare well but do not get over-hyper about it. Eustress is good but does not let it convert into distress.
  • It is very important to know each and every topic of your syllabus. The syllabus will help you in having a fair idea about what you need to study. Pay attention to how many chapters are there, how many topics are inside the chapters. Having this in your mind will ensure that you plan your study schedule in an efficient manner. Also in the syllabus, there will be some chapters that will seem difficult to you and there will be some which you will find easy to complete.
  • Start from the very first day. Do not wait for your teachers to start with the syllabus. It is very important that you plan your whole class 12th session. Do not procrastinate your studies. Do not live in the illusion that you will be able to complete your studies in just the last 2-3 months. Always start preparing early and plan accordingly.
  • Have a planned study schedule for every day, and try to avoid monotony. It is very important to have a plan for every day. Every night sit and make a note of all the things you will be doing the next day. Make a timetable sort of thing for your next day. Allot hours to the different subject and ensure that you are following it.
  • Do not neglect any subject. Always make sure that you are giving time to all your subjects. Do not ignore any subject thinking it is not important. Every subject is important and requires attention.
  • Stick to NCERTs. For your 12th board exams, it is important to understand that NCERTs should be your prime book. It is very crucial to cover your NCERTs very religiously. Do not run after the guidebooks available in the market. And yes there is simply no shortcut to NCERT, so do not try to find one. Read the NCERTs multiple times. If you look at the previous year’s papers, there is not a single question that is not from the NCERT. And it is not important that how many books you are reading or referring to. Always keep in mind that the concept should be clear, and for this NCERT is the best book, as it is written in a very simple and basic language and has a lot of examples.
  • Another important tip is to always have a small rough notebook in hand while reading. Even if you are not making proper notes, it’s alright just scribble whatever you are reading. This makes it easy for you to concentrate and helps you retain facts in a better way. Also, this will help you to avoid distractions if any. 
  • Make crisp notes of every chapter and every topic. Do not skip this step. It is important to make your own handwritten notes for every topic. This will make your revision easy. Also, try and keep your notes concise. Do not copy the bookish language, try and write it in your own words.
  • Another important point is revising everything from time to time. Make sure you are including revision in your daily schedule. It is important so that every concept is crystal clear in your mind. Also do not revise from new books, even if you are revising the same concept from a new book, it will not be good for you. Always revise from the books which you studied from. Also at this stage, your own notes will come in handy.Visit here : ifvod
  • Solving sample papers is very important to excel in your class 12th board exams. This will be somewhat like a reality check for you. Solve as many previous year question papers as possible for you. They will ensure that you are preparing in the right direction. Also, it will help you boost your confidence and give you that feeling of examination. Here it is very important that you have someone who provides feedback for your answer sheets. Do not just pay attention to what marks you get, try and spot the weak areas and work on them, refer to the CBSE PYQP Class 12 With Solutions.
  • Never ignore the practical. If you want to excel in your 12th board exams, pay attention to your practice exams. They are important and will help you fetch marks. At least 1 month before your practical exams, start focusing on them.


Tips to be followed on your exam day:

  • Make sure that you are sleeping on time the night before your exam. Ensure that you are taking a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. This is important so that you are feeling fresh on exam day.
  • Another important point is to never discuss or try to read anything on exam day. Please do not reach your exam center with books and notes in your hand. Just keep everything aside and relax. Do not discuss much on the morning of the exam day.
  • Always keep track of the time in the exam hall. Manage your time well and do not forget to revise your answers at the end.
  • Try to keep your answer sheet neat and clean, avoid overwriting and cutting. Do not use a whitener. Always strike the wrong words with a clear straight line.
  • The last tip is to ensure that your answers are to the point and follow the word limit guidelines.

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