Tips for Choosing the Best Gravity Bong

Stoners can be very particular about their smoking accessories. One of the best ways to make an average hit an extraordinary hit is to use a seriousness knock or grebe. Gravity bongs can either be purchased options or homemade bongs using two blank malleable bottles. You can submerge a minor bottle with a container of cannabis into a greater bottle or container of water and magnet the bottle out to plug with smolder while lighting cannabis. Then, simply remove the lid, place your entrance ended the initial, and push the carafe down so that seriousness propels the cannabis smolder.

Why Gravity Bongs?

Gravity bongs are popular with avid smokers who have a higher tolerance for cannabis. Gravity or waterfall bangs force heavily focused cannabis smolder into your lungs, more than an regular hit a tube or combined can provide. Inhaling the fillings of the misty bottle is the equal of consuming an whole bowl of cannabis at once. These bongs aren’t for beginners, but advanced cannabis consumers can enjoy the powerful hit of THC that comes with it. You can make your individual seriousness bong with household objects as long as you use items that are safe for combustion.

Homemade bongs are crafted by means of single-use plastic carafes, which often contain polyethylene terephthalate or PETE. Smokers can risk pulling these chemicals into their lungs when heating a homemade gravity bong. Most smoker’s preference glass bongs or silicone smoldering strategies for this reason. Always be cautious when using plastic materials to create a homemade gravity bong and weigh the risks of going DIY versus buying a glass piece.

How To Choose a Gravity Bong

There are a few things to consider when shopping for the best gravity bong. It’s important to consider the functionality, materials, and quality of construction as well as customer satisfaction and shipping and return policies. The best gravity bongs are constructed with borosilicate glass, the same as percolator bongs. Borosilicate glass is heat-resistant and durable, which means it’s less likely to crack or shatter. The best way to choose the right smoking devices and accessories is to read up on product reviews and customer feedback.

The trusted medical marijuana resource American Marijuana offers its choice of the top gravity bongs and glass gravity bongs on the market today. Gravity bongs offer smokers smooth hits and deliver an entire bowl’s worth of smoke all at once. Regular bongs don’t offer the same smooth hits and allow you to take a hit at your own pace. When it comes to functionality, durability, design, and ease of cleaning, the Glebe Glass Gravity Bong, Studenglass, Infinity Waterfall Remastered, Vortex, Knockout, and Bucket all make a great addition to your smoking experience.

Make or Buy a Gravity Bong

When used correctly, waterfall bongs deliver a powerful hit that can be too intense for those with a low tolerance. While it’s possible to buy a high-quality glass gravity bong for an affordable price, it’s also fun to make a DIY gravity bong. Using a gravity bong isn’t complicated. Fill the water chamber with water, add ground cannabis flower into the bowl, and light the bowl. As you light the bowl, slowly lift the glass bong out of the water chamber to create suction and fill the chamber with smoke. Once you have filled the water chamber with smoke, place your lips on the mouthpiece and submerge the chamber back into the liquid. This action will force all of the smoke out of the mouthpiece so you can inhale a powerful hit of cannabis smoke.

It’s always a good idea to speak with your doctor before trying cannabis for the first time to ensure you aren’t at risk for any negative effects with prescription medications or medical treatments.

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