Things Insurance Company Will Not Tell You For Your Personal Injury Claim

When it comes to claims for personal injury cases, everyone should know that insurance companies are not on their side. When you file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver or property owner, you should be aware that their insurance company will defend the case and fight against you. 

Nowadays, insurance companies are a kind of business that makes money and do not for paying compensation to the victim. These companies often prioritize money over their people and are concerned about paying you less as they can. Be aware of these tricks and hire Palmdale Lancaster personal injury lawyers who will guide you through the whole process of a personal injury claim.

Things insurance company will not tell you about your personal injury claim.

  • They already know the answer to their questions.

Most insurance providers have access to a national database with the victim’s personal information. They will always go through the database before attempting to contact you. If they ask if you have ever been involved in a car accident claim in the past, they will likely know the answer. They will also try to catch you while making mistakes when answering queries. 

  • You are not required to speak to them.

After an accident, the other party’s insurance provider will likely contact you to obtain a recorded statement. Often, the insurance company will attempt to get statements as quickly as possible in order to have confused victims say things that the insurance company can use against them. If you hire a lawyer, they will contact you and handle the conversations of the insurance company.

  • Can conduct surveillance

The insurance company will never volunteer about the liability of requesting surveillance of the victim’s activities, especially if you have pre-existing injuries. However, they will uncover any information during surveillance to fight against your claim and pay you as little. 

  • You can wait for the settlement.

One of the most commonly used tactics that the insurance company does is to pay the victim as little as possible, especially when the victim does not have legal representation to settle the case as quickly as possible. Settling early is never a great idea perform. If you have injuries, you need more compensation for future medical bills.

  • Denying liability does not mean you do not have a case.

Denying liability is a specific stat of insurance companies which does not want to pay for victims. Most insurance companies claim that their policyholder is at fault for causing the accident that does not mean you do not have an active case. You and your attorney will identify if the settlement fits your needs or whether your case needs to go to trial.

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