The Ten Steps Needed For Putting Bridal Lehenga Into Action

Most important of all, the bridal lehenga is responsible for all the attention of the party. Bride’s dress is all that matters if she’s not satisfied with what she’s wearing then it’s nearly impossible to even make the wedding vibrant. Buy designer bridal lehenga on the DollyJ website and get the perspective of the bride in no time.

The bigger task here is to keep the lehenga in a safe space and not the shine dry away. Here are a few things that might help you from keeping your bridal lehenga clean before the wedding.

Yes, it’s a pretty lehenga but doesn’t leave it in open hanging

You love your lehenga and seeing it day and night might make you feel wondrous, however, it might be a mistake as well as leaving it in open might change the atmosphere of the dreads, and oh god if anything spills on it it’ll nearly impossible to remove stain within few days. Keep your bridal gown or lehenga in a closed package until your wedding day.

It’s a trend that every bride poses near their lehenga hanging right next to them, hanging your new bridal lehenga (even if it is in a cool hanger) is not a good idea, especially when your wedding is around the corner.

Your lehenga is already heavy enough to carry it from one place to another and if a single embellishment or latkans tears apart it’s a problem for the whole house because it takes weeks to work on the lehenga again.

Send it for dry cleaning soon after all the alterations

The dress is obviously new and doesn’t really require dry cleaning, however, it’s important to send it for dry cleaning as it’s pandemic time and we don’t want any repercussions later. The better you know how to take care of your dress the more years it’ll stay in its natural glam.

While you should not send your beautiful new bridal lehenga for dry cleaning after wearing it on your wedding day, few brides realize that doing so ahead of time makes a lot of sense.

Whether you choose a designer bridal lehenga that has been handcrafted to fit you perfectly or a readymade one from a store, you are aware that it has already passed through a large number of hands. Especially if it’s a ready-to-wear sample lehenga that’s been tried on a dozen times before you fell in love with it.

Even after all the final alterations, there are things left undone or unfinished. but don’t worry we are here to work even at the last moment just for you.

Furthermore, dry cleaning seals in colors, reducing the likelihood of discoloration.

Iron it carefully

Steam press the dress on a cool setting and prevent the dress from any damage. You’ve to be very careful with the bride’s dress as her bridal gown is made from delicate fabric and intricate embellishments. So it’s safe to get the ironed from outside and not experiment at home if you’re not sure of the implications.

Most of the time, a new lehenga requires some last-minute ironing before you put it on. Use a cool setting, inside out, or a few layers of fabric between the iron and your prized garment. If you are concerned about potential harm, seek professional assistance.

For the best results, you can even use a handheld steam iron. That is the approach taken by the majority of bridal and designer stores.

Practice walking in it

Buy designer bridal lehenga online and don’t worry about any customization issues and trials as we’re ready to do anything for you. Your wedding is our priority and nothing will stop us from helping you make it your best.

You may have stood in your new bridal lehenga, complete with bridal shoes, during your bridal fitting session, but have you actually walked in it? Walking in heels in your heavy Indian long skirt is a completely new and unsettling experience.

If you’re not careful, the jagged end of your heel may poke through the lining or the lehenga skirt itself. You can dodder and fall as well. Buy designer bridal gowns online and prevent all the implications from local tailoring and make the most of the saved time for other wedding preparations.

Walk, stand, sit down, and stand up in the contraption, heels and all. If the two aren’t a perfect match, think about switching out the heels. If you don’t have much time, make sure they have flat, broad tips to balance your weight.

Whew! That was a long list! Once you’ve nailed down these details, you won’t have to worry about your new bridal lehenga before you walk down the aisle in it.

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