The most original baby shower invitations

The invitations are an important detail that you must take into account when planning your baby shower. They must be related to the reason chosen to fill the celebration with charm and above all look very striking. Although it may not seem like it, when you invite your loved ones in an original way, you arouse emotion and expectation for the event. Therefore, today we will show you some unusual baby shower invitations that will surely captivate you.


Baby showers allow friends and family to share in the joy and excitement of welcoming a new baby. That is why it is good for family or groups of friends to organize it, and thus help new parents both emotionally and financially.

Baby shower invitations that inspire

The traditional and simple invitation cards that later ended up in a drawer are a thing of the past. Today, invitations can be presented in different shapes and sizes to surprise the guests. These proposals combine the traditional and modern with a striking embossed card effect. Find your favorite option!

Card with fasteners or pins

I liked this alternative a lot, it is a traditional card that has a striking design on the front with diaper fasteners placed in different ways open, closed, up or down. You can choose printed cardboard to create your card, write the details of the celebration inside with beautiful calligraphy and stick the pins on the front as you like. The effect is gorgeous!

Colorful accordion

If what you want is to surprise everyone with unique boho themed baby shower invitations, you will love this option. It is a card that at first glance seems simple but when unfolded it becomes a nice accordion that creates a gradient in the design. In this case the details of the party can be placed on the back of the invitation. The best thing is that it will remain a memory for the guests for a long time.

Invitation with surprise

Another lovely idea for baby shower guests to be pleasantly surprised. In this case, the invitation starts from a traditional card but when opened it contains an original relief design related to the little one that is about to be born. These beautiful cards usually have a blank space for you to write the details of the celebration. You can do it with gold or silver feather for a very elegant finish.

Tender bottle

The baby shower invitation maker stands out for their innocent essence that represents the little sprout. That is why this tender alternative could not be missing, a cute bottle-shaped card that is lined on the front with super romantic lace accompanied by flowers, hearts, pacifiers and more elements that are also in relief. You can print the data and paste it inside or write it yourself with a nice pen.

Fun puzzle

When it comes to original baby shower invitations, ingenuity plays an important role. And a puzzle is a more than ingenious proposal. You just have to write the details of the celebration on a thick cardboard rectangle, draw the game pieces on the back, cut them out and store them in a box or envelope with the colors of the chosen theme. The guests will love it.

You will need:

  •         Cardboard of different colors, in this case: Magenta, apple green, canary yellow, light beige
  •         Scissors
  •         Exact
  •         Glue
  •         Silk Ribbons
  •         Angel in mass
  •         White cold paint
  •         Old toothbrush

Steps to follow:

  •         Cut the cardboard of the color you have chosen to the following size: 23.5 x 10 cm.
  •         Then proceed to cut 9 x 9 cm squares of cardboard of another color with the die-cut scissors.
  •         Cut small strips of silk ribbon and form knots.
  •         The number of bows will depend on the number of invitations you want to make, the same goes for the different cardstock cutouts. With the toothbrush, splash all the cardboard with the cold paint. Let dry. You will then cut 10 x 3 cm of tape.
  •         Use the clearest cardboard to attach the invitation message, if you have a computer at home you can write it yourself and print it at this size: 8.5 x 8.5 cm squares for the inside and for the front of the card measure of: 7.5 x 7 cm.
  •         There you can write the name of the future baby, the day and time of the Baby Shower, the address, and the text you want.
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