The Band That Bonds: The Solid Guide to Find the Right Metal for Your Engagement Ring

Just like Landon Carter, you decided one fine evening to spend the rest of your life with your Jamie. After all, when you want a lifetime together, you want life to start as soon as possible.

Whether it’s Harry or Jerry Mcguire, no one tells you that a proposal along the Scarborough beach is just the beginning. The task of finding out the perfect destination with the prettiest AU engagement rings overwhelms the toughest of the grooms.

You’re not at the liberty to choose whichever ring you find first. Decent research and thought need to be put into your band shopping. If you already have a stone size, shape, and style in mind, there’s something left – the band metal.

What Are The Popular Ring Metal Options You Can Pick from?

You assumed choosing Australia’s very own gold is the safest and the easiest option. But the question is – which one out of white gold, rose gold or yellow gold?

You have to make choices at every step from now on. You better get used to it.

Weddings and engagements are the perfect tests of the bride and groom’s patience with shopping. (Also, with each other!)

As far as the popular metal options go, you’re all set to navigate about it!

  1. Gold

If the thought of metal brings gold to your mind, you know how synonymous rings are with metal. The 24 karat ornaments component is one of the most versatile metals for designing jewellery.

However, the exact proportion of 24 karats is too malleable to create ornaments. That’s why you can always trust gold to let creativity flow with the addition of alloys and colours.

Yellow Gold

The traditional gold comes in sheer yellow colour—the warmth and hue in the metal result from silver and copper. Your yellow gold band forms the favourite metal for engagement rings due to its classic beauty and grace.

However, the yellow gold starts fading over time and can be too soft to wear for a long time.

White Gold

Palladium replaces copper to give the white gold its sheen and timeless beauty. If platinum seems like a tad expensive option, you can always trust the gold variant for its silver finish. You can imagine the stunning AU engagement rings with embedded diamonds, can’t you?

Though, the metal loses its whiteness over time and can turn yellow. High-maintenance alert!

Note: The rhodium plating on your ring every six months can easily save discolouration.

Rose Gold

If you’re looking for an affordable yet exclusive option for the ring, rose gold is your destination. With copper bringing out the red sheen, your fiancé would love its brilliance.

  1. Platinum

Isn’t it the dream of every woman to get a platinum solitaire?

One of the rarest and purest metals for jewellery charms its way with its strength, durability, and skin-friendliness. Moreover, the simplistic elegance makes it the perfect choice for an everlasting engagement ring.


If you want your beloved to feel the bond of eternity and elegance in your relationship, the suitable metal will define it. Now you know the ropes of the ornament’s metal like your relationship.

All you’re left to do now is fit the pieces of the stone, the setting, and the metal together!

Voila! You got your engagement ring right here.

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