Swimming Goggles: What Is The Swim Goggle Loops

Do you know when you need to adjust the size of the goggle strap? This is when the clips come into action! They are produced in acrylic material and vary according to the chosen model. Some glasses do not have clips, and, in these cases, at the ends of the frames, there is a system with locks and buttons that facilitate the adjustment.

Most models use the option of two cleats, one on each side, or a simple cleat, which is behind the head. You, the swimmer, can test and identify which one works best for you.

What Is The Function Of The Nostrils Of Swimming Goggles?

This is the part that makes the connection between the lenses. It can also be called a nosepiece and is made of acrylic or silicone. On the market, you can find it in various shapes and models, but we have another tip you need to know: there are two types: adjustable and adjustable.

In the glasses model with the adjustable nosepiece, several sizes can be replaced according to what best suits your face. In this case, if the nose tree breaks, the benefit is that you can try to use another size and continue enjoying your accessory.

The glasses with adjustable nosepieces allow the user to adjust their size on the lens frame itself. It has small latches that can be pulled or pushed to lock onto the frame of the glasses.

It is also essential to know that models with full silicone frames do not have a nosepiece. In these cases, the frame makes them more durable and more practical too. However, this feature can compromise the ideal fit of the swimming goggles to your face.

What Are The Benefits Of Anti-Fog Film Swimming Goggles?

Did you know that lenses fog up because water vapor sticks to their surface? This makes it difficult for those in the pool to see. Therefore, it is important to have swimming goggles with anti-fog to help the swimmer, especially those already in more advanced training.

This model has a thin film placed by the factory on the inside of the lens, creating a layer that makes it impossible for them to fog up. This is just one of the technologies presents in the best swimming goggles.

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