Surrogate mother agencies of Ukraine 

What is BiotexCom?

So basically, Biotexcom is a fertility clinic that has different stories about them and their employees. But yes, many people have said that the results of their surrogacy program are unfortunate. There is a story about one of their cases in Ukraine; a baby was born through surrogacy, which wasn’t recognized, so later, he was placed in an orphanage. The things of this company got even worse when their DNA test didn’t show any relationship between the baby and his biological father. However, this is why sperms are necessary to participate in the surrogacy process, so after birth, the DNA sample shows the relationship between the baby and his father. This is only one issue, but the reviews about biotexcom are not optimistic due to there being no severe behaviour with the couples and surrogate mothers.

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Surrogate mother agencies in Ukraine – Feskov clinic

One of the surrogate mothers is Feskov; they always pay attention to the women working as surrogate mothers and couples paying for surrogacy. Apart from that, they never accept any unfair or negative attitudes towards their clients. As we all know, surrogacy requires accurate technology that they will use on a surrogate mother and fertilization. Not only this, but the staff members should be professional and experienced enough to deal with any surrogacy case. Feskov’s leihmutter agentur are responsible for providing women’s eligible and perfecting to be surrogate mothers. It is essential to build a trustable and honest relationship between the customer and the doctor as the clients share their issues with the doctors and trust them that they won’t share them further with anyone. 

Be careful when choosing surrogacy in Ukraine: 

We reviewed two biggest Ukrainian surrogacy clinics. As we talked about the fraud of Biotexcom similarly, there are so many companies scamming innocent couples who only want a biological baby through surrogacy. That is why it is essential to choose surrogate mother agencies carefully. Here are some of the basic things to look for before choosing a surrogacy clinic to work with: 

  • Please read carefully the information about the surrogacy clinic to learn more about the working staff and their here for  more  :lawyernews
  • The clinic should have high technology instruments and professional staff.
  • The clinic must have legal rights to proceed with the surrogacy process. 
  • Make sure to read the agreement clearly, and every point of agreement is also given in the contract papers. 
  • Contract paper should account for all the legal and medical issues. 
  • Should read about different surrogacy companies and their legal and medical license. 

Reasons to choose Feskov for surrogacy:

One of the surrogate mother agencies is Feskov who offers excellent deals and protects all your personal information. They guarantee to make your surrogacy process successful no matter how complicated your case is. Here is the reason which will make you choose Feskov for your surrogacy process: 


Feskov has been working in the field of reproductive medicines since 1995. So indeed, they will have enough experience to make surrogacy successful. Apart from that, they also have completed more than hundreds of in-vitro fertilization programs that’s why they have 100% legal rights to proceed. 

Healthy baby: 

They are experienced enough to choose a healthy embryo that will grow into a baby. As they have experienced in human genomics, they know which embryo does not contain any hereditary disease. Apart from that, they also let you choose the gender of your future baby. 

Trustable service: 

Trust is essential between a doctor and their clients. Feskov is guaranteed to protect your personal information and will not share it with anyone in any case. It’s against their policy to give your information to anyone. 

Surrogate mothers and egg donors: 

Feskov has surrogate mothers and egg donors who work for their company. But it’s also Up to you that if you have your surrogate mother, the process will be continued with her. But in case if you can’t find one, we will offer our European, Asian, or African surrogate mother or egg donors for you. 


Surrogacy is a beneficial process for many couples. But it is also essential to be safe from scams and fraud. Biotexcom is one of the surrogacy clinics, but it doesn’t have many positive reviews. So pay attention to the fertility clinic you are going to choose. Surrogate mother agencies are responsible for providing healthy women to donate their eggs or perform as surrogate mothers.

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