Style Guide: How To Add A Decor Element For Recliner Sofa Sets Purchased Online

Recliners are generally opted to improve your health and personal lifestyle. So are you investing in the right ones? Do you know that you can now decide on your recliner’s fabric, color, and patterns? Yes! You heard it right. The fun begins once you decide on the model of the recliner.

However, it should not be a random mix and match of shades, materials, and textures. You should apply your mind and consider the various factors influencing your recliner. Wherever you may place the recliner, there will be another piece of furniture near it. Therefore, it is essential to opt for the one that matches the color scheme and style.

Below are a few tips to make your Wakefit recliner look dashing with the additions you create.

Colour For Recliners

The color is the primary aspect that decides whether the chair will fit and accentuate its look. Therefore, you have to opt for a color that complements the space’s color and concept scheme. However, you have to decide whether to play along with the interior or make a daring move and create something different and bold.

If your entire room is neutral in subtle tones, you have to choose the best recliner chair with patterns or brighter features. Shapes like abstract and geometric patterns will be an excellent idea for a minimalistic space. But if the place is traditional, choose floral designs. In cases where the room is already heavily decked with too many things, settle for a muted color recliner.

Brown and its shades will match any interior and highlight the other things around it better. You can add bright cushions on brown to enhance the look of the recliner, and it also goes well with any patterns like floral, abstract, animal prints, etc.

For a monochrome or grey-based area, you can either create a modern vibe with bold and vivid colors or go for gentle pastels to provide an elegant look.

Blue is the concept in most places as it depicts serenity. Any contrasting color will suit a blue atmosphere to impart a retro look. But you can also add a blue recliner to the environment, and nothing will go wrong with it.

Material Choice

When choosing fabrics or materials for your recliner chair, it might sound overwhelming at first. You have numerous options to choose from, and narrowing down the right element is very challenging. But whenever given an opportunity, look out for leathers as they are durable and stylish. But the downside of a leather recliner chair is that you cannot put it near a window as it will quickly fade.

Otherwise, a leather recliner will need regular treatment for a place where there will be many walk-ins. In such cases, you can opt for a leatherette recliner as it can withstand spillages and can be easily wiped. However, if you are looking for a recliner for a forever hot environment, look out for materials resistant to the temperatures, like a wooden recliner. Fabric can be your last choice as it requires high maintenance.


When your place is already established, it is challenging to fit a new recliner into it. Specific recliners need a power source for their operations like reclining and lifting the footrest. In certain scenarios, the user will need to place a lamp near the recliner to read a book comfortably lying on it.

Being relatively bulky and big, balance the room well while placing the single recliner sofa  online to not look out of place. Consider the user’s requirements and place it facing the TV, window, or near a table. A general norm is that a recliner needs a spacing of 40 to 60 centimeters behind it to recline. You can fill the space by decorating the wall behind the recliner with hangings not to look vacant behind. But if you live in a considerably small area, you cannot leave more than 15 centimeters behind for reclining.


There are several ways to jazz up the look of your recliner and sync it with the room. You can highlight the arms and headcovers with a contrasting brighter shade or invest in throws of different colors and keep changing them from time to time. This will create a new look and break the monotony. One more excellent hack is to use the same fabric of your existing sofa to the recliner so that it will look like a complete set. This balance with the other furniture in the room will make the place look classy and modern.

Wrap Up

Now the art of playing with color, fabric, and upholstery may be an excuse for you to redecorate your place. Customize your recliner sofa set online right away with various good platforms that provide quality products. Seek the most fun of it as you can never go wrong with decisions for your personal space. At the end of the day, all that matters is your happiness and satisfaction with the things around you.

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