Stay Graceful, Stay Energetic: Amazing Dance Clothes for Women

While performing or practising dance, the dancer should be graceful, energetic and comfortable. There are times when even the body won’t hear what the mind says, and we fail to stay positive. So, it is important to make oneself feel comfortable while engaging in any activity. Comfortability depends on many factors: what we wear is one among them. So, one should be careful while selecting the outfit for dance practice or performance. There are plenty of dance clothes for women available online and in shops, from which one can choose your favourite one. While purchasing dancewear, always consider three factors: style, fit and comfort. Don’t compromise on any.

Here is a list of stylish and comfortable dance clothes and accessories for women. Check it out.


Leotards are close-fitting one-piece garments suitable to wear for dance. They are made of stretchy fabric, making them comfortable. It covers a person’s body from the shoulders to the crotch area or top of the thighs. Leotards are worn by people while exercising indoors also. Sleeveless, short-sleeved, and long-sleeved leotards are available to buy. 


Just like leotards, unitards are also skintight one-piece garments but with long legs stopping at the ankles. Also, they usually have long sleeves covering up to wrists. The leotard is usually worn by women, while the unitard is considered a unisex garment. Today, men also wear unitards as a political statement. Unitards can be considered as a combination of leotards and leggings. Once, they were also called a “one-piece long-legged leotard”. Unitards are not only worn by dancers but also by sportspersons. 


There are a variety of dance skirts, ranging from ballroom skirts to ballet skirts. Dance skirts usually come in lightweight fabrics like mesh and chiffon. These skirts are best to wear for ballet or contemporary dance performances. Ballet wraps are usually short, while ballroom skirts are long and flowing. These skirts leave a lasting impression on dancefloors with their eye-catching laces and asymmetrical hems. People wear a practice skirt while rehearsing ballroom performances. Dance skirts come with different fastenings like pull-on styles, wrap-ties, ballet wrap, etc. Using ballet wraps is an easy way to make skirts look stylish.


Different types of tops are now available for people to wear for dance practice or performances. Crop tops, singlets, t-shirts, sleeveless, short or long-sleeved tops, jackets, sports bras, and hoodies are a few of them. There are a variety of designs suitable for different types of dance performances. The dancewear that a person wears for the dance classes won’t be the same one that they wear for hip hop. So, one can choose from tons of styles, whichever is comfortable for them and suitable for the performance. Pullovers, cropped sweaters, tie crops and sleeve crops are a few newer varieties of dance tops.


There are different shorts and briefs that one could wear for dance. The high-cut brief that covers up to the top of the thighs, low-cut briefs that covers till the starting of the thighs, high-waist brief shorts, etc., are a few of the bottoms commonly used by dancers and sportspersons. These short pants and briefs offer the dancers comfort and ease of movement. Dancers also wear skin-fit leggings, which are also comfortable dance clothes for women and men due to their stretchability.

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