Stay away 5 Issues occurred during online Quran classes

What are the reasons your kids should avoid during online Quran classes? Although there are many advantages of online Quran classes, there are some issues kids face during online Quran classes due to which kids can’t focus on their Quran lessons.  If we try our best to avoid these issues, we get excellent results with a guarantee.

5 Issues and their Solutions

The most important things that should be present during live class are student’s focus and sincere attention. There are many things or activities that distract the student’s attention towards the Quran lesson. Here are some issues students and teachers face during online Quran classes, but you don’t need to worry! We’ll also give solutions to avoid these problems by the contribution of both parents and kids. Let’s analyze!

1. Poor web-connection

Poor internet connection leads to frequent disconnections during live Quran class, which may lead to creating interruption. Such a type of interruption broke students’ attention towards the Quran lesson online, and they can also miss some important points of the lecture. In this way, kids can be fed up with such types of online Quran classes.

✓ Solution

Parents should provide their kids good broadband internet connection for smooth communication during live online Quran classes.

2. Play with toys during class

Children love to play with kids, and they love their toys. So, they keep their toys close to them when taking online Quran classes. But it’s not right because when students listen to Quran lessons, their attention can be distracted by their toys. In this way, they don’t listen to their Quran lessons online properly.

✓ Solution

Try to keep their toys hide from the place where they take online Quran classes. Also, you should ensure that they are not bringing their toys close to them when the Quran teacher is saying about the Quran lesson.

3. Eating Stuff

Some children are foody, and they love to eat. Students often chew or eat different kinds of foods like snacks, fries, bubble gum, etc. But it’s not good to act because eating food distracts students’ attention and stops them from speaking Arabic letters accurately. Sounds of Arabic letters and Tajweed are essential; therefore, it’s not good to eat foods while learning the Quran online.

✓ Solution

Ask their kids to eat food with their fills before starting live Quran class. Moreover, stay away from any eatable things during class.

4. Run out of the place

Kids love to run from one place to another place. Hence, they may run out from where they are sitting to take an online Quran class. As a result, they can miss their important lecture according to schedule.

✓ Solution

Parents should keep an eye on their kids. Their class time isn’t ending. Before registration to our online Quran Academy, parents should give guarana to see that their kids stay seated before PC during online Quran classes.

5. Watching TV

It’s also a noticeable issue that kids keep watching TV while having Quran class. Watching TV misses the student’s attention and disappoints the Quran teacher by creating background noise.

✓ Solution

Parents should turn off the TV while their kids take online classes. Moreover, they should not even place the TV in the room where their kids take live Quran classes.

Wrap Up

Our vision is to highlight some issues during live online Quran classes to avoid them with their parents’ contribution. If you control this issue, we guarantee you that your kids will learn Quran fast and easily.

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