Signs Of An Abusive Partner In A Relationship 

Navigating the ups and downs of a relationship can get challenging at times. Every relationship is different, and everyone has their own way of showing their feelings. However, not all types of behavior are healthy, and it is important to understand when the little and big red flags start showing up. 

Recognizing the red flags in an abusive partner is the best thing you can do for yourself. It will protect you physically, emotionally, and mentally and prevent you from wasting your time on a person who is not worth being with. If you have already become a victim of domestic violence, you deserve justice. Contact a Salt Lake City domestic violence lawyer today. 

Signs of an abusive partner in a relationship

  • They try to influence you with love, affection, and frequent gifts. 

This may come off as a shock to some people, but your partner showcasing their love and affection and buying you gifts all the time may not be a good thing. Sure, everyone enjoys these things coming from their significant other. 

However, if they start doing this from the beginning of the relationship, they are moving too fast. They may give you things out of proportion and pressure you to move in together or get married. By doing this, they seek to gain control over you and the relationship. 

  • Their temper changes very quickly. 

Not all people are the same. Some have high tolerance levels while others have low. However, one should learn how to manage their emotions, especially anger, when in a relationship. 

If the smallest things upset your partner and change their temperament within seconds, it is a red flag. They might blame you entirely for their mood change, even if you had little or nothing to do with it. This is a form of emotional abuse. 

  • They constantly need validation. 

An abuser constantly feels the need to be validated for their actions and abilities in order to feel superior to others. They have a superiority complex and feel that they deserve everything. Some red flags include the following: 

  • Asking how their genitalia compares to your past partners.
  • Constantly asking if you like them or are attracted to them.
  • Putting down others to lift themselves up.
  • They talk about their exes with disrespect. 

If you ever want to find out more about your partner’s personality, you should ask them to describe their exes or why they left them. If they start disrespecting them straight away, it is a major red flag. If they are constantly calling their exes crazy, it means they like to blame others when things do not end well. 

Contact an attorney in Salt Lake City today. 

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