Rules To Wearing Rings

How many rings should I wear?

You can wear no more than two rings at a time. Wear one of the rings when you are washing your hands and the other one as soon as you get home. If you want to wear two rings at a time, make sure the one on your right hand is bigger and heavier than the ring on your left hand.

Make sure that the rings on your left hand are as small as the ones on your right hand. A wedding ring looks better when it matches with your other jewelry, therefore, get creative with your design.

Balance the number of rings across both hands

  • Get creative with your design
  • Clean your hands after every touching
  • Never keep rings on too long

Clean your hands after every touching

It is important to wash your hands after every touching a woman’s hands because the bacteria on your hands can transfer to the woman’s hands.

Match your metals

When choosing rings, it’s also important to match the metals. Diamonds are best with platinum, and the two metals are more complimentary. The better the couple is, the better the ring. But the ring matches the bride’s gold or engagement ring, the better for the groom. If you’re wearing a watch, try to match it too. And same goes for the groom’s wallet, he should wear a leather one to match his ring. A well tailored suit looks good on anyone, so wear the right ring to match.

Choose the right ring for the situation

There are many options for rings, but when you have a wedding band, that one is a no brainer. Even if you plan to separate in the future, that is still the one you need to wear for your wedding. But the rules change when you have another ring, say your bachelor party.

Wear your ring with confidence

It makes a big difference whether you wear it on the right or left hand.

I know that sounds pretty trivial, but every time you switch the hand you wear it with, your subconscious brain automatically starts checking to make sure the hand that’s wearing it is the one you normally use. Just a small awareness change could save you a lot of money and embarrassment!

To get you started, here are three scenarios when your ring is worn incorrectly:

  • You wear your ring on the hand that you use to hold your car keys
  • You wear your ring on the hand that you use to hold your phone.
  • You wear your ring on the hand that you use to hold your wife’s tit.

The symbolism of rings on different fingers

Wearing a wedding band or any ring of any kind on just one finger of your left hand sends the wrong message. When most men wear their rings on their right hand, they are making an implicit and likely unconscious statement that women are not part of their lives. It goes back to the beginnings of our species when men would chain together a variety of women and then marry the prettiest.

Another reason for men wearing their rings on just one finger is simply because the weight and size of wedding bands tend to be on the larger hand, which is the opposite of a simple man’s hand. To do the same type of work, a guy needs to be able to do it with one hand, and to make a good fist for protection, you want to hold a fist with a soft hand. For more information visit this site: forextradenews.

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