Rockford auto accident: Top things to remember

The traumatizing impact of a car accident in Rockford can leave you grappling with injuries and losses. Such accidents are quite common in Illinois, and more often than not, victims do not get compensated for their losses. Illinois is a tort state. The at-fault party is responsible for your losses. In this post, we are sharing some key details to remember in the aftermath. 

You must consult an attorney

Don’t let anyone tell you that your claim is not worth pursuing. Talk to a car accident lawyer Rockford to know what you can expect in a settlement. While no attorney can promise an outcome, they can definitely guide you on the eventualities. Lawyers are also important for dealing with the insurance adjuster, who would do their best to deny your claim. 

The accident scene is important

Unless your injuries prevent you from doing anything further, take the time to document the accident scene. Take pictures of the damaged vehicles, your injuries, the road conditions, and everything else that may help your case. Once the vehicles are towed away, you wouldn’t find the key evidence that would prove fault. 

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Don’t run away

You may feel that the accident is a minor blip, and there is probably no need to wait. This could be a serious mistake. Call the local law enforcement, and until an officer arrives at the scene, you should not leave. Take the time to swap contact, license, and insurance details with other drivers. If there were witnesses at the scene, take their details. 

Note everything

Immediately after an auto accident, you may find yourself dealing with many emotions at once. It is not rare for people to forget smaller details later. Write down whatever you remember about the event. Did the other driver take steps to stop the accident? Were you above the speed limit? What were the weather conditions like? Note what you can remember. 

Don’t ignore your injuries

Always check with an injury doctor after an auto accident. Thanks to the adrenaline rush, you may not feel as much pain or discomfort, but do not ignore your injuries. At the scene, you can call 911 for emergency medical attention. Also, follow your doctor’s advice with regard to your treatment. Make a file and keep records of the medical bills you pay. 

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Talk to an attorney about your accident claim soon and get a free assessment of the case.

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