Reduce Airborne Viruses With a Mist Humidifier

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that our daily health and safety are at the forefront of our minds. With viruses as contagious as ever, purifying and circulating the air we breathe indoors has become a must. Adding a mist humidifier to your room and common spaces is an effective way to achieve this, keeping your air moist and discouraging viral spreads. But how could something small and compact be effective at reducing airborne viruses? Read on for how it can work for your benefit.

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How Humidifiers Work

It doesn’t take much to figure out how a mist humidifier does its job; the laws of physics do that for us. Physics show us that when droplets containing a virus are released via breathing or talking, they partially evaporate into the air, making it easier for them to move and spread. In dry air, a lot of moisture will evaporate and the droplets will shrink in size, but in humid air the droplets won’t evaporate or shrink, making them less mobile and less likely to spread disease. In the presence of a humidifier, viruses and diseases are kept at bay so you can breathe a little easier (literally).

Fight Back Against Viruses

Believe it or not, a mist humidifier can protect your body from viruses well before they make contact. In colder temperatures, the mucus responsible for trapping pollutants and pathogens in the nose and respiratory tract becomes dried out. This renders the mucus ineffective at protecting your body from infections. But if the air is humid, the mucus is able to remain hydrated and do better at fighting off viruses. Though humidifiers do not boost immunity, they do help give your body a fighting chance by getting ahead of the problem. Let it help you fight!

How Much is Enough?

Humid air not only helps protect you from the inside-out but addresses your environment from the outside-in as well. Studies show that air with a humidity of 40-60% prevents viruses by making it more difficult to move freely; any higher than this risks growing mold, dust mites, and bacteria. Humidity itself is important but don’t forget about coverage as well. A mist humidifier isn’t too helpful if it only impacts a small area of space. To make sure you’re getting the full benefits, invest in a humidifier that covers spacious places and is able to be operated for long periods, even days at a time. With a machine that runs well, you’re sure to reap the rewards.

Seasons Matter

With changing seasons come changes in atmosphere and environment. As the weather gets colder, viruses become easier to travel and spread; it’s not cold “flu season” for nothing. And it’s not that the cold makes people more contagious, but that cold air makes it easier for droplets released from breathing to evaporate, therefore easier for diseases to remain intact and survive. So, when the weather begins to shift be mindful of the changing seasons and prepare by adding in a mist humidifier. Humidifying your space can help you get through flu season without getting sick.

Consider Your Needs

Sometimes it’s not just what you do, but how you do it. Adding a humidifier to your home is sure to be helpful, but depending on who or what is in your home, it may be worth it to consider the type of humidifier or accessories you use. Think about your lifestyle: are you always traveling and in need of a portable humidifier, or do you need a stationary humidifier for your living space? Even placement matters—if you are using your humidifier for your bedroom, placing it 3 ft from your bed is a good distance, while larger spaces benefit from a humidifier that is within clear sight of all areas of the room for maximum exposure. The people in your home matter too, of course. If you have small children and want to place a mist humidifier in their room, be sure to use a cooler mist vs. a warm mist to prevent burns and irritation. Reducing the spread of disease is important, so make sure your mist humidifier is right for you.

There’s more to staying virus-free than washing your hands and sanitizing all your surfaces. While cleaning is still crucial, using a mist humidifier to breathe cleaner air is just as important. Not only is it proven to reduce the spread of airborne viruses, it also works great during dry seasons and puts your body in a better position to fight off anything it comes in contact with. And when you assess your own needs and the needs of your home, you can make the choice of humidifier that works best for you. With this approach to health, you’re doing yourself and your body a favor, both now and later.

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