Questions To Ask When Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

You will be flooded with options if you check online for injury attorneys in your city. Most law firms would be happy to review your case, and there isn’t any charge for that, which is an awesome advantage. However, not all lawyers deliver on their words. Here are some questions to ask when you are hiring a local personal injury lawyer

What is your initial evaluation of my case?

Some personal injury lawsuits are inherently complex, while it is easy to find liability and fault in others. While lawyers must do a complete investigation to give clear answers, they can point out potential issues based on initial facts. They will explain if the lawyer believes your case is not worth the big fight. Professional and skilled injury lawyers don’t lie to clients, and you will have realistic expectations.

What kinds of cases does your law firm handle?

Personal injury lawyers tackle a wide range of cases, and it makes sense to ensure that you choose one with helpful experience. For instance, the same lawyer may have a totally different approach for a car accident claim when compared to a truck accident lawsuit. It would help if you found a reliable, qualified, and competent lawyer who has experience in similar cases.

How much would it cost to hire you?

Usually, injury lawyers don’t charge clients on an hourly basis, which is the case with family and criminal lawyers. Instead, the stakes are higher for them as they work on a contingency fee. If the lawyer manages to get a settlement for the client, they take a chunk of the final amount, or else, they don’t get anything. It is best to ask the attorney about all possible case expenses, including their contingency fee. For most cases, the standard norm is 33%.

How can I contact you further?

Communication between the client and the injury lawyer is critical. Don’t hire an attorney who is always busy or doesn’t want to share the contact details of their office or their email. You need to be sure that the lawyer is accessible when required, especially for updates. You should not have to chase the lawyer, regardless of how good they are.

Final word

Don’t forget to ask the injury lawyer for references. A local lawyer should be your first choice as they know the legal system, judges, and other relevant people in your city.

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