Pros and Cons of Creating Employment Contracts for Protecting Your Business in Palm Harbor, Florida

Employment contracts are written documents that outline all of the rules and regulations that both parties must follow. These contracts can help protect both parties from legal problems. Employees, however, have more protection under employment contracts than they do under other types of contracts. They are protected from discrimination based on race, gender, age, or a variety of other factors. Likewise, employers will not be liable to pay any extra benefits like medical and dental insurance or pension payments if the employee resigns before the end of their contract period.

While there are certain drawbacks as well, having a written contract can shield both parties from much of the uncertainty that comes with employee-employer relationships. However, make sure you have an experienced Palm Harbor business litigation attorney by your side to leave no loopholes in the employment contracts. An attorney can help you make sure that your contract is legal and beneficial to both parties.

Pros of Creating an Employment Contract

You must have an employment contract in place before employment begins. The law requires that each employment contract have a beginning date, a term, and any other terms needed for the employment to commence. It is also important that the employer and employee negotiate their agreement together. 

There are many benefits of creating an employment contract for your business. For one, it establishes a specific time period in which your employee will be working. This is important because, in the case of a dispute or a breach of contract by either party, each person will know exactly how much time they had to sort it out before the employment term ended. It also makes clear what you expect from your employees. Again, this is extremely important for both parties, and it outlines the rules of conduct before problems can arise. An employment contract also protects you from potential lawsuits or disputes at work.

Cons of Creating an Employment Contract

Having an employment contract does not necessarily ensure certain safety to the employer from the employee. It is a general idea that employment contracts are created to protect employers’ rights. However, there are many cons to creating an employment contract, as well. It is difficult to find a legal employment contract that is free of errors. There are instances where employees are forced to sign an employment contract even if they are not quite ready for it. The employer may claim that the employee was coerced into signing the agreement and have it enforced as a binding contract. The law protects both parties, so even if the employee is forced to sign by the employer, both sides can get rewarded.

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