Product Feature vs. Benefit: Definition and Examples

What is a product?

A product is a tangible or intangible item that you use for personal, commercial, or industrial purposes.

Product is an abstract concept that can describe a wide range of things. It can be anything from a piece of furniture to service to an idea.

The word “product” is used in many different contexts and for various purposes. The term product may refer to the physical object itself, such as the iPhone 6S Plus smartphone. It may also refer to the service or result produced by that object. It may also refer to as a synonym for idea, concept, or plan.

A product is a thing that gets produced or sold for consumption. It can be a physical object, like a car, or it can be an intangible service, like an app.

Product is one of the most important concepts in business. It is the foundation of any business and plays a vital role in its success. However, it’s not always easy to define what makes something a product.

A product is a tangible item that has value. It is something that you can use and consume.

Products get created by businesses and get used by consumers to satisfy their needs or wants. Businesses create products to make money which they use to fund their operations, create jobs, and ultimately improve society as a whole.

What is a product feature?

A product feature is an attribute or a characteristic of a product. It’s the thing that distinguishes one product from another and makes it unique.

Product features are not just about what you can see on the surface. They also include hidden aspects of the product such as its quality, durability, and ease of use.

Features that get added to products in order to improve their performance or appeal are called performance features. Features that make products more attractive to customers are called marketing features.

A product feature is any unique characteristic that makes a product different from its competitors.

Product features are what make products stand out from each other and differentiate them from the competition.

The most obvious example of a product feature is the shape of a product, such as a round or square bottle. Other examples include color, size, material, and more.

A product feature is a characteristic or function that distinguishes a product from its competitors. For example, the feature of an iPhone is the touchscreen and the camera.

The product feature is what makes a product unique from its competitors. It also tells customers what they can expect from it and how it will help them in their daily lives.

What is a product benefit?

A product benefit is a reason why someone would buy a product. A benefit is what makes a product appealing to the customer. It is the answer to “why should I buy this?”

A product benefit can be anything from an attractive design to an extra feature that no other competitor has. Some examples of benefits are:

  • A new design for your phone that you can only get with your phone provider
  • A smartphone with a built-in fingerprint reader
  • An app that lets you save money on groceries

A product benefit is a unique value that a product provides to its users. It can be anything from ease of use, durability, and safety to value for money.

An excellent example of a product with a benefit would be Apple products such as iPhones and iPads which have easy-to-use interfaces that are also durable and safe.

A product benefit is a unique and tangible value that a product offers to people. It is the reason why people buy a product, and it is what differentiates one offering from another.

Product benefits are often difficult to find and articulate, but you can find them in the features of a product. 

What is the difference between a product feature and a product benefit?

A product feature is a set of features that a product has. It is the set of features that are intrinsic to the product and cannot be removed or changed without changing the product.

 Product benefit is a set of benefits that a product provides to its users. It can be used by different people in different ways, depending on their needs and preferences.

A car has many features like airbags, seatbelts, etc. These are not removable or changeable without changing the car itself.

A car can have multiple benefits like providing transportation for someone who doesn’t have one, providing access to places where cars are not allowed, etc. These benefits can be changed depending on an individual’s needs and preferences

Products are a combination of features and benefits. Features are the product’s functions and benefits are the product’s value.

A product feature is the set of functionalities that a product offers. It is what the product does for its users. For example, an oven might have a timer, temperature control, power level control, etc.

Product benefit is what makes the user feel they have received their money’s worth from purchasing or using that particular product. 

For example, an oven may have a timer that automatically shuts off after cooking your food so you don’t waste electricity or it may be able to cook multiple things at once so you can save time by making dinner for your family in less than 10 minutes.

Another good example of this would be when you buy a car and it has features such as leather seats, power windows, and cruise control. The benefits of these features are comfort, convenience, and safety respectively.

The difference between a feature and benefit is fairly straightforward in most cases but not always so clear-cut. If you have an object that does not have any visible features then it would be difficult to know what its benefits are without asking someone who has used it before or doing your own research online.

Product features and Product benefits are two different things. While product feature is a physical or functional aspect of the product, product benefit is an emotional or psychological aspect of the product.

A product feature is a  physical or functional aspect of the product that can be observed by the customer. It can get categorized as tangible or intangible depending on what it is made up of.

Product benefit is an emotional or psychological aspect of the product that cannot be observed by the customer. It can be categorized as tangible, intangible, and intangible (emotional) based on what it is made up of.


Product feature and Product benefit are two different terms that get often interchanged.

However, they are not the same thing. They have some similarities but they also have distinct differences.

In a nutshell, a product feature is a tangible or intangible characteristic of a product that enables customers to use the product. Product benefit is a tangible or intangible feature of a product that will help the customer achieve their desired outcome.

Product features and product benefits are important for any company to consider when launching its products. They should be researched before launching new or existing products to make sure they have something unique to offer to your customers or clients.

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