Nose.What cosmetic surgery can I do?

Rhinoplasty is plastic surgery to modify the size or shape of the nose. It is done by a professional doctor with various methods such as rhinoplasty, alar removal. nasal bone base decoration or reducing the hump, etc.

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Nose surgery can be done in only one way. Or you can do it in several ways at the same time. It depends on the doctor’s assessment. and the needs of those who undergo rhinoplasty

However, those who wish to undergo rhinoplasty should study the information. Whether it’s an augmentation method, the doctor to do it, the location of the service. or preparation before – after surgery for the safety of surgery

– Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a method of rhinoplasty to increase its height. or the height of the nose bridge by adding material The materials used for rhinoplasty are divided into two main groups: silicone and cartilage and its own tissues. Each of which has different advantages and disadvantages.

– Supporting the tip of the nose with its own tissue or artificial tissue

Nose tip with its own tissue or artificial tissue Suitable for people with thin skin who have little nose Because it will prevent the silicone from directly contacting the nose. Make the tip of the nose look like natural flesh. and can prevent silicone penetrate to a certain extent

The difference between using the tissue itself and artificial tissue

own tissue Often used for the cartilage behind the ear. can last a lifetime and is very safe Because it is the tissue of the patient who undergoes the surgery itself. Therefore, the risk of allergic reactions is low. They can also be stacked multiple times to increase their jump.

But there is a disadvantage. There will be one more surgery. making it take longer to recuperate than usual

Artificial tissue (Megaderm) is a material synthesized from collagen. It looks like a soft sheet. that have the same biochemical and tissue structure as the skin, so they can be used interchangeably

However, prosthetic tissues have not been used for as long as ear cartilage. And over time, there may be some decay.

– Sewing or cutting the wings of the nose

sewing or cutting the wings of the nose It is a solution to the problem in people with enlarged or thick nose wings. The width of the nostrils should be approximately one-fifth of the face or not more than the width of the eyes. If it is too much, you can consult a doctor for surgery to reduce the size of the alar nose.

Sewing or cutting the wings of the nose Can be done together with rhinoplasty Or can perform surgery to reduce the alar nose only in those who already have a prominent position. It depends on the doctor’s assessment. and the needs of those who undergo rhinoplasty

The difference between suturing the wings of the nose and cutting the wings of the nose

  1. Sewing the wings of the nose This is an internal surgery that leaves no scars and the wings of the nose on both sides are quite equal. But not suitable for people with very large nose wings.
  2. Nose augmentation Suitable for people with thick and wide nose wings. had to cut off part of the wings to make it thinner and narrower causing a scar on the side of the nose

Nose augmentation and augmentation can also be combined. depending on the expertise of the doctor

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