NEET Biology: 10 Quick Tips for Successful Exam Preparation 

The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) is a national-level examination by NTA. It is an entrance exam for candidates aspiring to go to medical school. This exam comprises four significant subjects, that is, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology. The exam consists of 180 questions and sums up to a total of 720 marks. The questions of the exams are of intermediate level from the syllabus of the 11th and 12th standards. NEET exam also has negative marking schemes. Biology is an important subject when it comes to the NEET exam and it could be a troublesome one. So, here are 10 Quick Tips for victorious Exam Preparation.

  1. Create a Timetable:  Developing a proper timetable helps students in staying focused and should concentrate on concept clarity. The NEET biology syllabus is very vast and needs a well-structured timetable in order to nail the exams. Students should make sure they adhere to the timetables at all times. They should also note down the study breaks they might need. Engage in the concept of quality learning.
  2. Important topics: A NEET aspirant must jot down all the important topics of biology so that they don’t leave anything untouched. Some of the most important topics that a student must cover are: 
  • Human Physiology: The syllabus of NEET biology has a conceptually significant issue called human physiology. It is an extremely important chapter as it has a 12% weightage in the NEET exam. Some of the important concepts of this chapter are human anatomy, genetics, and reproduction.
  •  Diversity of living beings: This is the first unit of the NEET biology syllabus and an important one. Some of the important topics of this chapter are The living world, Biological Classification, Plant & Animal Kingdom. 
  • Cell( structure and functions): It’s the third unit of class 11th NCERT textbook and weighs 7% in terms of marks. Some of the important parts of this chapter are Biomolecules and the Cell Cycle. 
  • Plant physiology: For NEET, plant physiology is helpful in gaining marks if students study this with interest. Some of the relevant topics of this chapter are; transport in plants, nutrition transport, photosynthesis & respiration in higher plants, plant growth & development.
  •  Genetics and evolution: Genetics is an astounding subject and represents an essential role in the NEET exam as it accounts for a massive 12% weightage. Some of the important topics of this chapter are Principles of Inheritance and Variation,  Molecular Basis of Inheritance, and Evolution.
  •  Reproduction: Reproduction is a chapter that weighs around 11% in the NEET exam. Some of the important segments of this chapter are Reproduction in Organisms, Sexual and Human Reproduction, and Reproductive Health.
  • Biology and human welfare: Human welfare is the essence of subjective principles and some of its important topics are Human Health and Diseases, Enhancement in Food Production, Microbes in Human Welfare.
  •  Ecology & Environment: Some students try to leave this chapter behind, thinking it will not matter but this chapter can actually prove to be very profitable in earning easy marks. Therefore, it is of absolute significance to read about the principles of ecology. Some of the important topics of this chapter are Organisms and Populations, Ecosystem, Biodiversity and Conservation, and Environmental Issues.
  1. Regular Practice: Constant practice is a must during NEET Preparation so that the students get to know what they have learned and what is left to cover. NEET practice papers are vastly available over the web. Here are some NEET Biology Important Questions with Solutions to help students get a headstart. 
  2. Make Notes: Biology is a subject with tons of minute details and students must note them all down. They are the best ways to extemporize memory skills. After making point-to-point notes, students are unbeatable in the examination. It increases their revision skills in a short amount of time.
  3. Time Management: Time management is extremely crucial. If a student’s time-management skills are poor then it would be very troublesome for them to crack NEET. In this case, the vast amount of knowledge is without question, worthless. Students should regularly attempt mock tests in order to ensure their paper gets completed in the assigned time. 
  4. Previous year question papers: Previous years’ question papers are known to improve students’ efficiency and agility levels. Solving previous year’s papers help students in getting acquainted with the question pattern and difficulty level of questions. They also get to stop and take a good look at their strengths and weaknesses. 
  5. Exercise it up: Students tend to be under a lot of stress and they should pay attention to their health, mental & physical. Students can lessen their anxiety by regular walks or meditation. Regular exercise can really refresh the mind and body. Students must avoid eating junk food and resort to healthy eating habits.
  6. Study Material: The right study material is the most important aspect in preparing for NEET. Reference books are valuable and help in thorough learning but NCERT is the most beneficial NEET book to prepare for the exam. Candidates should consult their NEET teachers to verify which publications are the most reliable.
  7. Focus on your vulnerabilities: After being face to face with their weaknesses students should pay more attention to them. They should read more books and ask questions about worrisome topics in order to overcome their fear and gain confidence.
  8. Tutor up: More than enough NEET teachers and professors are available to help the students in getting what they need to crack the exam. These teachers can help students in their time-management and problem-solving skills. Tutors are very beneficial in strengthening a student’s weak points. Regular tests conducted by tutors and professors are also very effective.

Aspirants should comprehend these NEET preparation points to ensure a good rank in NEET Exam. They shouldn’t undermine any of the rules and abide by them point-by-point. Hard work and perseverance are two things that will always help them in getting through. Following these tips would help them in marching up in the exam room with positivity and optimism. 

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