Moorestown estate planning: The pros and cons of lawyering up!

Regardless of your age and health, you need an estate plan. It is a common misconception that estate planning is only for old and rich people. If you own anything that’s valuable, an estate plan will ensure that your assets and properties end up in the right hands as per your wishes. There is also much more to the process. You can make provisions for your long-term care, for dependent kids, and even for your pet. Below is an overview of the pros and cons of hiring a Moorestown estate planning attorney. 

When should you consult an attorney?

Online legal services promise to automate estate planning, and you can also find ready kits for help. Unfortunately, these things cannot replace the need for an attorney for advice. You shouldn’t be taking risks and must call a lawyer if – 

  • You have a huge estate
  • You have substantial debts and want to protect your assets
  • You are worried about your minor children
  • You have more than one marriage
  • You are concerned about estate taxes
  • You have assets in different regions and countries
  • You have a health condition that’s likely to worsen

Benefits of hiring an attorney

When you consult an attorney for estate planning, you can expect – 

  1. Unbiased advice on key matters
  2. Help with estate planning documents and tools
  3. Assistance with the complicated paperwork
  4. Help with tax savings
  5. Advice on minimizing conflict after your death
  6. Easy means to update your documents when needed
  7. Help with achieving specific goals

On the flip side

The only downside of hiring an estate planning attorney is the cost of their services. Your lawyer will charge a fee for their work, but given the number of benefits, that price is totally worth paying. Always remember that mistakes in your estate planning documents can have serious consequences. Hiring an attorney is worth your time and resources, especially when so much is at stake. 

Finding a lawyer

Always hire an attorney specializing in estate planning and elder law. Most lawyers in Moorestown offer a free or low-cost consultation for clients, and you can discuss your goals and wishes to understand things better. There are limitations to what you can do through an estate plan, and an attorney can guide you in making the most of your circumstances. There is no better time to plan your future, and estate planning is something you shouldn’t delay for the future. 

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