Los Angeles injury lawyer: What to ask when hiring one?

Whether you are dealing with a car accident claim in Los Angeles or need help proving a case of medical malpractice, hiring the right attorney can make a big difference. Of course, it is not mandatory to engage an attorney to fight a personal injury case, but given the complications and confusing laws, it only makes sense to have an expert lead the battle. If you are hiring a Los Angeles injury lawyer for the first time, always ask the questions listed below.

What’s your experience like? What kind of cases do you take?

Personal injury claims and lawsuits range from nursing home abuse and medical malpractice to auto accident claims and workplace injuries. While lawyers can take up all types of cases, they don’t always have experience handling specific cases. The expertise an injury lawyer may have in handling car accidents or truck-related mishaps may not be the same when it comes to cases involving surgical errors. You need to be sure that the lawyer is the right fit for your case.

What’s your fee? What expenses do I need to pay?

An injury lawyer doesn’t usually charge a flat fee or an hourly rate like criminal lawyers. Instead, they will fight the battle and win a settlement for the client to take a share of the final compensation. This kind of contingency arrangement allows more people to seek legal help for injury cases, and the fee may vary between law firms. It is best to have a clear idea in advance. Also, there are expenses, like hiring experts, which the client must pay for. It is wise to have an estimate.

What’s your evaluation of my case?

Beware of injury lawyers who promise a lot in the first meeting. While lawyers can gauge what the expected compensation would be, they cannot always say everything without an investigation. Ensure that you have a fair overview of the possible outcomes to make an informed decision on whether to continue with the claim. The lawyer will also explain the factors that can impact the result. Such factors include your role in the accident or whether there is evidence to prove all elements of the claim.

You can check on Google for reviews of top injury lawyers in LA. Meet an attorney in person and get a free evaluation before you get them on board for the case. There are also online portals with ready listings. 

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