Looking at Bong Sizes

If you are new to using a bong or just have never owned one of your before you might be wondering about bong sizes. It is true that there is a lot more to buying a bong than you might have realized, ozbongs are varied in not just size but also shapes and materials too. Here we focus though on the three main sizes and why they matter. It is important to get the best bong for your needs so you have the best experience with it and avoid spending money on something you do not enjoy or need.

A closer look at why size in this case matters

The market for bongs Australia is pretty saturated, you have all kinds of types, looks, colors and add-ons to consider. While having a lot of choices is a great thing in terms of finding a bong perfect for you, it makes it harder to choose, especially if you are new to it all. If you were to ask friends about which bong size they prefer they might say something different from what you are leaning towards. This is because we all have our own preferences, needs and how it fits into our lifestyle. Some people are always on the move and need something more transportable. Some people stay at home most of the time and can invest in a larger bong.

The three main sizes are mini bongs, medium-sized bongs and large bongs, here is a look at each of them.

Large bongs

A large bong is really the best option if it going to stay in your home and if you are an experienced user. A beginner can get large ozbongs as it is a good one to get in terms of smoke filtration and the best airflow. But just keep it for home use. The better airflow means the hits you take are smoother and test better and there is less lung irritation and less to no harshness on the back of the throat as long as you are keeping it clean. A large bong is bigger than 36 cm.

Medium bongs

This is a good choice for day-to-day use and is the more commonly chosen size for a bong. It is certainly easier to move around than the large bong but you get better airflow than a mini bong and a better hit experience. A medium bong in general means it is somewhere between 25 cm to 36 cm. It is not as discrete as a mini bong though.

Small or mini bongs

Small or mini bongs Australia is less than 25 cm tall and are popular when someone travels a lot and wants to bring one with them. It is also more discreet so you can transport it without being observed. There are a couple of issues, the small size means less airflow and also because the smoke is not filtered properly the hits you get from it are a lot harsher than the other two sizes.


Choose a size that best suits your use and your lifestyle but keep in mind the larger has the optimal experience for hits but is the least discreet, the mini is easily portable but the size means the hit is harsher.

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