Logo design trends 2022

It is also the image of the company and is the most recognized aspect of the company. Logo design trends alter frequently. For a company’s logo to be able to compete with the modern day competition, it has to be distinctive against the background of the other logos. A well-designed and contemporary logo will increase the recognition of the business and, in turn, increase demand and this can boost the profits of the business.

You can recognize certain trends that can be observed in the current year as well as in the development of brand new logos and in the evolution of logos that are well-known by the largest corporations in the world.

The Return of the 90s

Neon colors with bold contrasts, bizarre designs The 90s are here to stay. Are you looking to make your logo more modern? Make a bold shadow, select a unique font, or even paint the logo using all colors in the spectrum.

When choosing the style of the 90s as the brand’s identity, it’s important to remember two aspects. First, make sure it is aligned with the brand’s image as it’s better for businesses with a vibrant young, rebellious and youthful look. Additionally, make sure the array of colors and intricate shapes appear appealing in smaller formats like an icon for mobile apps or as an avatar on social media.


This isn’t new however, it is being used to create logos. It’s present throughout the design (backgrounds as well as site layers, as well as logos). Gradient is a technique in design that involves mixing colors mix. One of the major trends for 2022 when using this technique is the smoothness and delicacy.

This design style adds colors to both the new and updated logos, it allows you to run radical experiments that are well-received by the final user.

Using different fonts

The most common font change allows users to completely alter the way you see the logo of text. However it is possible to find variants, including:

Increase or decrease in certain letters , or the entire of the inscription,

The creation of geometric shapes from text

Different letter heights

  • Reducing or increasing the thickness of some lines.

It is not a complete listing of what is possible to accomplish making use of this method for making or revising the logo. It is important to ensure a equilibrium between marketing and creativity in order to create the best message to get to the right buyer.

With obvious colors

The logo is the first one to be noticed by the user. This logo might not appeal for him right now however, it will be stored in his mind at a subconscious level and, eventually, at the right moment will let him decide to make a decision to go with the image (brand).

This can also allow you to effectively update your existing brand. It makes it more modern and will also make it more visible. Nowadays the public spends little time looking at logos and other symbols. That’s why it’s essential to catch the attention of people at all costs and a striking logo is precisely what’s most effective in completing this challenge.

3d logo design

The year 2022 will see 3D logos are expected to have modern, more appealing identity. Beveled edges, blurred edges, and gradients will greatly improve your logo. Additionally, it’s the perfect way to grab the attention of website visitors. In order to make the logo appear modern, you should make it light and simple, and then leave it in the overall design.

As with other styles like other trends, like other trends, a 3D logo might not be suitable for every person, but it is essential to consider the field in which you operate in, along with its distinct capabilities, branding and the overall message you wish to communicate. A 3D logo will be noticed on screen and can add personality to an Internet image. If the logo is primarily on printed materials, the three-dimensional elements may be removed completely or disappear entirely out of the design.

Hand drawn

The logo can’t be duplicated, nor can it be mistaken for any other logo. A logo drawn by hand is perfect for different creative studios and, when it is at the logo stage, customers will know that the business is unique and innovative and can be able to handle the toughest task.

In the same way it is possible to have the logo created with care and give its natural appearance, or on contrary, all lines can be created perfect, making it look more professional.


In one way or another every trend in designing logos are aimed towards attracting more interest to the logo and also to make it stand out among other competitors. Logos are the identity of the business and the customers’ interest in the business’s offerings or services will depend on how effectively and intriguingly it is designed and will impact the profit that is earned. Remember that a good and intriguing logo will be discussed by consumers both in public as well as on social media networks which will serve as a complimentary advertisement for the brand as well as services (services) that are offered.

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